First Steps

First Steps: October 1, 2009

The curriculum for HIV/AIDS awareness is as attached. The other group leaders are also in the process of posting theirs. Travelling, lodging/renting are now quite costly. Due to food shortages in Kenya the prices are high per person. The 8 teachers is a very minimal number remembering that we trained over twenty and children in our schools are starting from square one in computer knowledge.  Most teachers in our schools are computer illiterate in the rural areas. Based on these facts, all the 8 selected teachers have to be in the field for effective teaching and  training.  One teacher instructs as three others are helping the learners to press the buttons or manipulate the  XO laptop for quick learning.  There will be 35 learners in every class.We intend to have 2-3 learners per laptop for motivation purposes.  We shall also spent extra time training the volunteering teachers but remember there is big shortage of teachers in Kenya so we must be read to do the job ourselves.

Bonding;  The funds you send helped us a lot to do the bonding in the schools in Bungoma and Kericho Districts. They were receptive and are waiting for us to start. My team is ready to go by next week because the term is progressing fast.  We shall need to move fast too before learners start exams we should be through with the first part of the programme.

We understand the difficulty of looking for funding but try.  You are doing  a great job. Soon we speak a different language of success in the.  vision.  Fred Juma Wakasiaka

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