Pilot Project Summary End of Term August 2010

Accomplishments October 2009 – July 2010:

381 Students engaged in HIV/AIDs and Mathematics XO

  • St. Monica Bukokholo Girl’s School 77
  • RC Bukokholo Primary 149
  • A.C.K. Butonge Primary 155
  • Alicia Children’s Center 40 in addition to visitors from Bukokholo
  • Teaching was held three days each week.
  • Trained five community volunteer teachers



” Learner-centered teaching/methodology is employed. One teacher and three volunteers help learners to navigate on the XO Laptop. Then students are allowed to interact and exchange  their findings.”

Evaluator Assessment:

The students believed that the project was good because it gave them an opportunity to learn what they could not have learned and connected them to the global Village.


..The project enhanced team work among the students and has greatly helped them to improve on the academic performance

 “XO has been observed to be an effective technique of instruction to be utilized and that it would appeal to the learners ‘senses and enhance high retention of what is learnt


It is imperative that XO has the potential to play a significant role in many aspects of the design, development and delivery of educational programs in the coming years.” Program Evaluator Pamela Buhere







  • XOs were used in large classes where students were not able to engage in regular individual use.


  • XOs were transported by the trainers, as there was no way to recharge the machines in the village. 


  • Inadequate time:  The Hands of Charity team did all the teaching.  The next stage will depend on local team self-sufficiency.


  • When there were technical issues, there was no one trained to do repairs.  This will be integrated in the team training and student training.


  • The XO-1 Touchpad is a problem.  More mice will be provided to provide quicker, less troublesome navigation.


Next stage of curriculum Development

  • Expand learning done without teacher intervention.
  • Volunteer Teachers  aremguides and resources.
  • The curriculum will be improved to use the rich set of activities to expand the
  • Small Solutions Big Ideas will provide funds for stipends for volunteer teachers. 
  • Small Solutions Big Ideas has provided funds for solar panel and battery for charging the XOs.

About smallsolutionsbigideas

Believer in educating the world using "open systems", "open content", "open source" and providing tools to inquiring minds without pre-conditions.
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