Report Visit to Alicia Children’s Center


 FEveryone has their hand in the gameor Secondary school.

8. March F1 West of Bukokholo sec school were introduced to key board parts and their function and also they did little bit o write activity. Students were given a text to type.

11 – March F1 East were also introduced to keyboard parts and their functions and little work on write activity.

15 – March F1East did more on write activity and further introduced to record activity.

18 – March F1 West did write activity where they were shown how to highlight, Bold, italic and Font size and how they can colour letters on the screen.

22 – March F1West perfected on record activity where they narrated stories concerning HIV/AIDS thus taping them the replay to share with their friends. This was done on video, Audio and also they  took  their  photos.


For primary school.

      9 –March STD 7 on write activity where they started by typing their names on the screen on the same they were shown how to highlight Bold, & underline and coloring of letters

10 March STD 7 continued with keyboard h write activity and were familiarized on keyboard  signs and to identify  where fulstopes , comas etc.

11 March –STD8 were also introduced to keyboard signs and they did write activity.

16 March – STD8 perfected on write activity  so  which  they were so excited when they saw  their images appearing on the screen.

17 March – STD 6 – introduction to xo laptop write activity although it was heard for some of the pupils they fairly attempted.

23 March 7 where we revised on write activity to familiarize pupils there after we introduced them on record activity which   attracted pupil and they took some photos.

24 March STD7 perfected record activity and were introduced to chart activity where they revised questions on HIV/AIDS

25 March STD 8 Revised on write activity and moved to record activity. Where they were shown how to take photos and record.


13-April  STD 6 keyboard familiarization and sign identification .

14 – April – STD 7 keyboard sign familiarity and some work or record activity.

16 – April STD 7 paint activity where they drew some structures and painting them. It appeared to be heard for them to draw a structure but with time they attempted fairly.

19 – April STD 7 – chart activity introduction where pupils were asked to send questions to the neighborhood laptop . It was interesting for them to see that they can use computer (xo laptop) to share questions with their friends.

20 – April STD 7 continuation of chart activity where pupils shared questions like, HIV, AIDS , they defined – how is HIV spread /transmitted.


Learners using xo laptops to interact with  orphans/people living with hiv/aids condition.

8th-12th May , 2010

This was very exciting moments for our learners when they vistited Alicia 40 Children Centre .The learners had been prepared to use write activity,record activity-taking photographs,short video and audio sounds on the XO which were handy during the 5 days of visit to the Centre.30 pupils took part interacting with 90 orphans and learners.They sat in group of 4-(1 visitor with three hosts).Our learners took time to interview the orphans one at ago.

They were assisted to record stories narrated by the children in the centre on audio and video.The orphans felt so happy when they were taken photographs just to see their faces on the XO monitor or screen.They came up with poems and songs containing HIV/AIDS messages,encouraging words that were recorded on the XO and replayed.This was very energizing to the orphans.Our learners showed them how to use keyboard and write activity.This messages recorded will be discussed in our regular classes for awarenesss purposes.They will target more children.The chidren who did not go the centre will have an opportunity to look and hear the messages on the XO during classes.We are targeting more children and youths in hospitals,churches,mosques and other schools when we receive more laptops.We shall take time to analyse the work before going to other places.They will have to reach out the rest of the pupils.Some photographs of the excited students are as shown.Bungoma West District has about 50 schools that have heard about  XO laptops progamme and want to be reached out and be involved.Thanks to OLPC contributors Programme and our mentors.We look forward to receive more laptops for full project in Bungoma.

 Fred Juma Wakasiaka

Project Manager.     

teachers and volunteers assisting  learners to interact with orphans in the centre(ALICIA FORTY) Children Centre.

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