Spring Term HIV/AIDS Curriculum

Strategic  April-July Plan For OLPC PILOT Project  in Bungoma-Bukokholo Primary School.BY THE HOC TEAM

For  Mathematics,Reading and Writing Skills and HIV/AIDS Awareness 


  1. Record stories using the XO from people living with HIV/AIDS and the affected family members.
  2. Take pictures and videos to tell these stories or fill in real information about HIV/AIDS and its impact
  3. Formulate a weekly plan for this curriculum
  4. Actualization of the program using an XO allows users to express their feelings in a safe place, where they have tools to write and create and communicate with their peers.
  5. Enhancement of reading and writing skills and Maths skills

How the XO technolog wil merge in the current school curriculum,religious and civic life


a)     The main objective is to concretise the information on HIV/AIDS by use of videos, pictures,diagrams some drawn by the learners themselves on the XO laptops..It is noted that most of the information delivered to students in schools is abstract and teacher- centered.XO technology will provide an interactive,concrete and learner-centered approach that is motivating to the learners.

b)     The participants will visit people living with AIDS, orphans, widows to take pictures, videos and tape the stories on XO that will be watched and listened to during lessons. The nearby health centres and hospitals with AIDS patients will be appropriate for us to get information to be stored on XO for our lessons.

c)      The leader and participants will continue organizing for training of teachers in various schools on the use of XO laptops in order for them to support in teaching using XO technology. Some weekends can used fort his training. More volunteers from the community will be trained.

d)     Some lessons will be offered during weekends in the rural areas/villages for children who can’t make it to school and as make ups for those who miss in school. 

e)     Learners will be required to write and discuss using XO what the community says about HIV/AIDS in order to identify the myths and believes that contribute to spread HIV/AIDS.

f)       They shall also be required to draw diagrams and paint using XO on materials related to AIDS.

g)     A similar program will be extended to the neighboring schools according to available time

h)     The learners will be allowed to use the XOs to develop their Mathematics skills as well as reading and writing skills which is basic for learning.

Civic,Faith-based groups/Religious groups and NGOs


a)     Workshops-Participants will organize workshops for youths in the villages and religious centres in conjunction with the respective organizations.  will provide AIDS education based on their teachings especially on behaviour change for preventive measures .Recorded voices, pictures and videos on XO laptop will be presented to the youths and children at personal level as they interact with the machines. Some sessions during workshops will be used draw diagrams and write on XO on what they know about HIV/AIDS; effects, ways of infection, what enhances its spread and ways of prevention.

b)     Discussion and chatting using XO-Learners will take some time to exchange ideas at some distance on topics provided by specialists using interlink on XO.

c)      Materials from wiki.The group will download information from wiki on internet on various topics as adviced by specialists in various organizations,stored on XO and then learners will use it in different sessions as guided by the participants in our group.

Faith-based group programmes-Youths,children and other groups’ programmes will be utilized to provide an interactive,concrete approach to HIV/AIDS education as opposed to abstract approaches provided by most groups In this April-July 2010,Sunday school and Youths meetings are going to be used to reach out children and youths.

The first sessions will be used to train the learners on the use-operation and management of the XO laptops

Venues:Selected churches in Bungoma West District.

 Saturday,Sunday And some weekdays based on their programmes


5 2 1 2
2 4 2 1 1
3 4 1 1 2
4 4 1 2 1
5 5 2 2 1
6 5 1 2 2
7 4 2 1 1
9 4 1 1 2
10 4 2 1 1
11 5 2 1 2
12 4 1 2 1
13 4 1 1 2
14 5 2 1 2
15 3 1 1 1

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