Expansion of XO HIV/AIDS Programs in Bungoma District


Achievements- Most of our young pupils are now accessing information on HIV/AIDS, basic computer knowledge, mathematical skills improved, turtle art improving imagination of the pupils and now learners are able to discuss issues concerning HIV/AIDS without fear, child right among other things. In general the stories of children revolve around the following

• The really situation at home of patients and orphans at home. No care takers when bread winners depart.

• The present remedies and the emergency of children homes

• How we should care for the affected and the infected

• Appeal for help from well wishers

• Abstinence

• Good and healthy youth relationships

• Respect of human rights for all people including children, people living with disabilities and HIV/AIDS.

• Exciting technology of XO laptops

1ST of December 2010 – A World AIDS DAY.

We held a combined class discussion and poem recording about the effects of HIV/AIDS to the combined classes: F1 Bukokholo Girls Secondary School and Bukokholo Primary school (Standard 6,7, & 8). We engaged students in using the XO Sugar Activities: chat, write and record.

We had 18 laptops, 50 learners, and 6 volunteers for 3 hours.

20th December 2010 HIV/AIDS Discussion. Pupils from different school were invited to share ideas about the effects of HIV/AIDS on the infected and affected members of the community. Students used the XO Sugar Activities write, chat, paint and record . Learners recorded their stories which they presented later. Engaged: 2 teachers, 6 volunteers , 96 pupils/ learners plus parents for 6 hours.

Bukokholo Primary School Program

January 6, 2011 Standard 6 Bukokholo primary school. Activity- Introduction to XO laptop, types of computers, manipulating and identifying parts of the XO laptop. Definition of a computer- pupils were 54, laptops 18, teachers 2, volunteers 4 1hour 20 minutes.

January 7th 2011- Standard 6 Bukokholo primary school. Introduction to the “write” activity, where they typed their names then the following in full-HIV, AIDS, STD and VCT. 50 pupils -18 laptops, 1 teacher 4 volunteers- 1hours 20 minutes.

January 11, 2011 Standard 8 Bukokholo primary school.Refresh on types of computer, definition of computer, ways of contracting HIV/AIDS. Discussion through group work – writes activity and chat activity. 26 pupils 1 teacher 3 volunteers, 2hours.

January 12, 2011:- Standard 7 Bukokholo primary school. By use of write activity –pupils were able to type different ways of HIV spread as a pretest for the new year. 1 teacher, 2 volunteers -59 pupils, 18 laptops. Time:40 minutes 7mice.

January 14, 2011: Standard 6 Bukokholo primary –write activity Learners typed their names and also they were introduced to record activity where they were to be shown how to take photo and record video. Time: 1hour 20 minutes -1 teacher 3 volunteers – 51 pupils -18 laptops 7 mice.

January 18, 2011 :Standard 7 Bukokholo primary – by use of write activity .Typed different stories about the effects of HIV as the way of narratives and this was done in groups. Last there was presentation. They also used record activity to record poems that they have composed and as they read written stories. 40 pupils, 16 laptops2 teachers 3 volunteers- 1hour 20 minutes.

January 21, 2011:-Standard 6- Bukokholo –Record activity where photos were taken when if affected by HIV how will their images be?- Discussion through chat activity.

January 25 2011: – ST. Monica Bukokholo girls’ secondary school F2 use of chat activity-Discussed over nutrition for a person staying positively- Group discussion 1 hour 20 minutes 15 laptops 1 teacher 2 volunteers -30 students.

January 26 2011:- ST Monica Bukokholo girls secondary school F2 Write activity- typing different types of stigma among community members and the results. 31 students 16 laptops.

January 28 2011:- Standard 6 Bukokholo. Ways that lead to avoid contracting HIV/ AIDS. Importance of abstinence- by use of write activity. Butonge and Kisiwa Schools (also St. Monica’s & Namwacha /Bulondo)

February 2 2011: Butonge primary school standard 6- Introduction to XO laptop. XO laptop technology on mathematics improvement . Manipulation of the XO laptop. Identification of XO laptop parts. 60 pupils 18 laptops 7 mice 2 teachers 4 volunteers 120 minutes [2hrs]3 lessons.

February 7 2011: Bukokholo Primary Standard 5 –introduction to XO Laptop. Identification of its parts and functions – 50 pupils 18 laptops 1 teacher 4 volunteers.

February 8, 2011: Standard 8 Bukokholo primary school. -paint activity by use of shape to draw structures on the XO laptop making them so imaginative and creative. 1 hour 20 minutes 2 lessons 2 volunteers 2teachers.

February 10, 2011: Butonge Primary School– Standard 6: Introduction and introducing pupils to activities found on XO laptop. Activities attempted were, write record and calculate- 60 pupils 18 laptops 2 teachers 4 volunteers time 2hours 3 lessons.

February 11, 2011: ST Monica girls’ Secondary School. Use of Browse to learn science- Biology specific phyla of animals kingdom and plant kingdom – They also showed interest on record activity and record their sounds [voices] then replayed. 1hour 20 min – 33 students 1 teacher 2 volunteers 15 laptops.

February 15, 2011: Standard 6 Bukokholo primary school Worked on record activity- where they were to compose or narrate stories about HIV/ AIDS in the society.

February 6, 2011: Namwacha /Bulondo primary school combined.Pupils thought about child rights and how these rights are affected by HIV/AIDS, the impact affecting child is Education, Early pregnancy and its effects -XO laptop introduction –Types of computers and work of computer-XO laptop technology on HIV /AIDS intervention. -Write activity on XO laptop where they typed their names, child rights and how they understand HIV/ AIDS record activity – 243 pupils , but 43 used XO laptop- 6 volunteers 2 teachers Time taken on XO 2hours.

February 18, 2011: Butonge Primary School- Turtle-art- construction of figures such as square, rectangle, triangle and semi circle 56 pupils-18 laptops 1hour 20 minutes

February 22, 2011: – Kisiwa primary school –at Kabuchai H/Centre. Education on child right, importance of knowing their rights. Health education –HIV/AIDS and its spread. Introduction to XO laptop –write and record activities – where learner typed their name and record songs they presented 14 laptops 2 teachers 4 volunteers.

February 23, 2011: Butonge primary school . By use of calculate activity- pupils were able to calculate areas of figures that constructed the other day.

 February 24, 2011: Butonge primary school. Confirmation of doing revision on keyboarding thus –Identifying mathematical signs and how to more blocks on turtle art.

February 28, 2011- Butonge primary school standard 7. Introduction to keyboarding for remembrance since they were introduced to XO laptop in standard 6 last year. This was done by pupils typing their names and numbers. – 1hour 20minutes 1teacher 18 laptops- 47 pupils.


• Lack of sufficient transport to reach intended school.

• High expectation for stipend by the volunteers •

 Lack of enough funds to expand the program me to various schools interested with the program within Bungoma count.

• High expectation from the learners to visit a c.c.c in a health centre.


Look for a sufficient transport way that can assist teachers/volunteer to reach schools effectively – may be getting a van for the project. • -stipend to be in place for sustainability of the project. • -Need for sponsors to find the project for expansion. • -Look for well-wisher to support the program and learners so that they can provide transport for them to visit hospitals to share HIV/ AIDS experience at comprehensive care clinic. [ccc]

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