23RD /may /2011

Bukokholo primary school-

std 6 – 48 pupils

Write activity- to write statements about

–         Ways of HIV transmission

–         Ways that do not lead to HIV Transmission

–         Ways of HIV/ AIDS transmission

–         Chat- and group prevention

24th may 2011- Butonge primary school,Kibeu primary school

Write activity as part of keyboard familiarization- 65 pupils -15 laptops 4 per laptop

25th may 2011- Bukokholo primary and Butonge primary schools

How it is importance to visit VCT in relation to HIV spread control


6th June 2011

Kibeu primary school- STD – 8- introduction to computer, differences manipulation, typing texts- names identifying parts of XO laptop. Morning – Afternoon- Bukokholo- primary school. Moral behavior/irresponsible behavior

7th June 2011

Kibeu primary school – std 8 – writing a text about themselves. How important they are and their ambitious- How can they overcome HIV/AIDS epidemic – morning

7th June 2011

Afternoon – Butonge primary school – write challenges and achievements of mathematics as a subject – std 7 west


Butonge primary- std 7 East

Keyboarding – use of write activity

Identify different signs on the keyboard.

9th June 2011- Bukokholo primary school std 6

-Introduction HIV spread/ control

-Use of write activity

10/6/2011 – Repairing of multiplying expression – no classes

13/6/2011 – morning Bukokholo primary – Health Education talk

Std seven – and an assessment

13/6/2011 – Afternoon Kibeu primary

Std seven- introduction to computer, manipulations and introduction to write activity on XO laptop

14/6/2011 – std six Bukokholo primary school – fact of HIV/AIDS

15/6/2011 – std 8 Butonge turtle art, construction of semicircle, right angled triangle and circle

16/6/2011 – std 7 Responsible behaviors – lead not to contract AIDS and respected in the country

20/6/2011 – Bukokholo std 8 – stigma and types

By use of write activity to give ways leading to stigma

21/06/2011 – Kibeu primary school STD 8 – by use of write activity to write HIV/AIDS in full

-causes of HIV/AIDS

-Pupils to write a one paragraph essay about the effect of HIV to education.

22/6/2011 – Butonge primary school std 7 West

       I.            Introduction to calculate activity, use of calculate activity, use of  calculate activity to find square roots and squares

     II.            Introduction to Turtle Art – construction of  square and rectangles 1st knowing how to arrange blocks

23/6/2011 – Bukokholo primary std 6

Record activity – taking photos, video recording

24/06/2011 – Kibeu- record activity




23rd may 2011 – 30th June 2011

23/5/2011 – Bukokholo primary school – STD 6- 48 pupils

I; –pupils used write activity to:

  1. Type ways of HIV Transmission
  2. How HIV/AIDS is not transmitted and
  3. Ways of HIV/AIDS control/prevention

ii; Group discussion by use of chat activity

iii; Group presentation. How they understand HIV facts; 4 volunteers, 18 laptops, time taken 2hrs

24/5/2011 – Butonge primary school – STD 6 – 60 pupils

Revision work on keyboard by use of write

-Pupils were asked to type and identify mathematical signs and punctuation signs. They were shown by volunteers how to get Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division signs on the keyboard among the signs found on the keyboard since it was noticed that some of the pupils have forgotten how to put them up. 3 volunteers 1 teacher 18 laptops 2hrs (time taken)

25/5/2011 – Bukokholo primary school – morning hours –

STD 7 – question was – how is important to know their HIV status as young people? Done by group discussion though chat activity. 1 lesson 40 minutes 15 laptops – 45 pupils 2 volunteers and 1 teacher

25/5/2011 – Butonge primary – in the afternoon hrs

STD 7 East – introduction to Turtle Art – showing pupils how to arrange blocks so that they can come out with an attached figure or an angle. Not only that but also to know the picked block direction. 36 pupils 13laptos, 2 volunteers and 1 teacher:

6th June 2011 – Kibeu primary school – STD 8 – 40 pupils

Launching of OLPC program me in the school- Activity – introduction to computer, different types of computers mentioned – by use of write activity pupils were asked to type their names on the XO Laptop – also they were told different parts of XO laptop and their function. 2 lessons, 40 min each, 2volunteers 1teacher – 15XO this was done as from 11:40 – 1:00 p.m

6th June 2011 – Bukokholo primary school – STD 6 – Afternoon

By use of write activity pupil were to type texts in different groups on moral/responsible behavior and their effect on HIV control and prevention

The pupils presented what they had typed by reading them then started group discussion how the trick on that. 15 laptops- 50 pupils, 3 volunteers and 1 teacher

7th June 2011 – Kibeu primary school – STD 8 – 39 pupils

By use of write activity pupils typed a text about themselves and their ambitions with a conclusion of how they should overcome HIV/AIDS problems. 2 lessons, 40 min, 3 volunteers, 1 teacher, 15 laptops. Morning hours

7th June 2011 – Afternoon – Butonge primary school – 48 pupils

STD 7 West – pupils were asked to use write activity to write about mathematics and achievements they have made through XO laptop lesson as math program, where pupils did. 2 lessons-40 min each, 2 volunteers, 1 teacher and 15 laptops


Butonge primary school – STD 7 East from the previous lesson then it was noticed that most of pupils did not identify different keys on the keyboard it was done by use of write activity – they were asked to identify different keys by keying them in to see how they work. 2 lessons – 15XO laptops, 38 pupils


Bukokholo primary school – STD 6, 55 pupils

A quiz – pupils to write about HIV spread and control measures – the group discussion as an assessment: They used write activity on xo laptop. 2 lessons -2 volunteers 1 teacher – 15 laptops

10/06/2011 – shortage of power made us not to attend classes

13/06/2011 – morning, Bukokholo primary STD 7 – Health talk and sharing experience on achievement of xo laptop program in their class.2 volunteers and 1 teacher

13/06/2011 – Afternoon – Kibeu primary school _ STD 7

Introduction to xo laptop, definition of computer, types of computer and manipulation. Introduction to write activity on xo laptop where pupils typed their names, Highlighted, bold, underlined, font size (enlargement) and part of coloring words.3 volunteers, 1 teacher, 2 lessons, 52 pupils – 15 laptops

14/06/2011 – Bukokholo pri school – STD 6. Back to facts about HIV/AIDS

Oral questions to pupils to and pupils answering – By use of write activity pupils typed HIV in full



Ways that promote HIV spread and

Ways do not promote HIV spread

Then the group presentation and discussion 3lessons, 45 pupils- 15laptops, 2 volunteers 1 teacher

15/6/2011- STD 8 Butonge primary school

Turtle Art Activity on xo laptop pupils constructed the following – semi-circle, right Angled triangle, A circle inside a square.

16/6/2011 –STD 7 Bibeu primary school

Since they were still new to the keyboard, we refreshed them on write activity – we asked them to write about responsible behaviors that can lead them not to contract HIV/AIDS virus and be respected in the community. 53 pupils, 17 laptops, 2 volunteers, 2 teachers – 2 lessons

20/6/2011 – Bukokholo primary school STD 8 –

What is stigma? Discussion by use of chat, the effect of stigma to the effected people – ways to stigma 30 pupils, 15 laptops, 2 volunteer, 1 teacher, 2lessons

21/06/2011 – Kibeu primary school STD 8.

By use of activity pupils to writes facts about HIV/AIDS – HIV in full

-AIDS in full

Writing of a one paragraph essay about the effect of HIV to education

22/6/2011 – Butonge primary school – STD 7 West.

I. Introduction to calculate activity – pupils used calculate activity –Algebra to find square & square root

II. Introduction to Turtle Art – where pupils constructed a square and a rectangle but first they were shown how to move and arrange turtle art blocks

23/06/2011 STD 6

Bukokholo primary school – Record activity – Pupils took photos and recorded different song by use of video on xo e .g HIV, Gospel and Traditional songs since it was a much interesting activity for the pupils. 50 pupils, 15 laptops, 2 volunteers, 1 teacher – 2lessons

24/06/2011 – Kibeu primary school – 

Record activity STD 7- taking photos, record songs by video on xo laptops, songs with theme of HIV, Gospel it was centre of interest to pupils. 2 lessons, 54 pupils, 2 volunteers, 18 laptops, 1 teacher

28/06/2011 –Revision on keyboarding – Butonge primary school STD 6 – typing a text about math as a subject and how important it is. Use of write activity on xo – laptop. 61 pupils, 18 laptops, 2 volunteers, 1 teacher and 2 lessons

29/06/2011 – Butonge primary school – STD 8

It was noticed in the class that some of the pupils don’t know basics on write activity – so by use of write activity pupils – typed about themselves and inserted table with simple math completion on Distance, speed, time. 44 pupils, 2 volunteers, 2 teachers, 15 laptops and 3 lessons

30/06/2011 – Kibeu primary school 

-By use of write activity – wrote fact about HIV/AIDS

-Record activity – video – record song with HIV/AIDS massage – 2 lessons – 38 pupils – 13 laptops, 2 volunteers 1 teacher



–          Rainfall – makes volunteers/teachers not reach in time for lessons and some days are forced to make accommodation arrangements.

–          Laptops XO – Not adequate for pupils thus violating a rule of one laptop per child.

–          High transport costs for the volunteers to reach schools

–          High expectations to support schools financially by the project – building computer rooms and provision of furniture office for preparation.

–          Carrying equipment for the laptops from one place to another, the bag we use is worn out i.e poor transportation facilities..






a)      Most of the learners can know chat and discuss HIV/AIDS messages by use xo laptop.

b)      Xo laptop technology had changed the lifestyle of the young people targeted in schools as they interact and expressed themselves before others about the effects of HIV to education.

c)      Learners have basics on computer – they know what it means by bolding, highlighting, font size among others on write activity on xo laptop.

d)      Mathematics program had advanced the skills of learners to imagine how they can get angles of figures by use of turtle art.

e)      Calculate activity had helped those pupils who almost hated Maths as a subject to once more be interested in the subject as they do it on XO laptop.

f)       More schools are requesting for the program to be started in their schools since most of our schools are in remote areas where they had never accessed computers.




–          The project to increase the number of  XO laptops and increase the number of staff in order to reach more schools within the Bungoma County and Western Kenya.

–          Need for a refresh training on different activities on XO laptops.

–          It is impossible for us to move out of school since we have a continuous generation of young people.

–          OLPC to  help to reach effectively to 70 schools per year.We can move to more areas and  train more volunteers to move to other schools.


Fred and Bonventure

Bungoma Project site.

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