Classroom Activities & Expanded Teacher Training



-Kibeu primary
school pupils sharing experience of the XO laptop and benefits after using them
on behavior change and communication this was orally and use of write activity
on the XO laptop.

session started at 11.00a.m-1.00p.m 40 pupils 2 volunteers 2 teachers 18


Primary school-pupils telling stories about how the XO laptop technology is
helping them about HIV awareness among themselves specifically by use of record
activity as they compose poems, songs that are recorded and replayed and share
experience in group discussion.

3.00p.m-5.00p.m 45 pupils 2 volunteers 2 teachers 18 laptops


Academy School launching of the OLPC program by introducing children to
computers activities being defining computer mentioning types of computer what
makes them different manipulation of the XO laptop the introduction to write
activity where pupils typed their names then bit of record activity pupils were
much interested when they saw their images on the screen.

session started at 11.00am -2.00-p.m 20  pupils’
2volunteers 2 teachers 10 XO laptops


Butonge primary school question and answer on XO laptop success and what they
have learned. They drew the right angle triangle and a square by use of turtle
art. They calculated the area of a square whose sides were 20m by using
calculate activity. The lesson started at 3.10pm to 4.00pm-78 pupils-13
laptops-6 per laptop –2 teachers- 2 volunteers.


Misanga primary school standard six East questions and answers on XO laptop.
They defined the computer  named the
parts and  types of computers. They did a
bit of write activity by typing their names, highlighted, bold, italic,
underline, increased font size  and
numbering. They recorded songs about HIV/AIDS using record activity. The
session started at 2.00pm to 4.00pm 15 laptops- 45 pupils-2 –teachers -2-


Misanga primary school standard six West. They had some questions and answered.
They named the following parts on computer; screen, keyboard, mouse, speaker
and buttons. They did record activity by recording songs, poems on HIV/AIDS and
also took their photos and looked at their images. Pupils did a bit of write
activity by typing their names.

The session started at 11.00am to 1.00pm- 1-teacher -2- volunteers -57 pupils- 19
laptops 3 per laptop.

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