After the prayer it was introduction where by Bukokholo primary school produced two
teachers, a male and a female teacher. Kibeu primary school produced 3 teachers and Butonge primary school had 3 teachers and Bukokholo primary school same time he was the chairman, his assistant who is Mr. Bonventure Masika and volunteer by the name Peres Wafula so in total 12 people who attended the workshop. The chairman issued them some materials which could guide them throught that session.average of 15 learners were included in the training workshops.

Remarks fro trainers

Duration of workshop 4 days in each school. ‘We want more trainings and participation’ This was the cry of teachers from the five schools.

Butonge, Misanga,St.Kevin,Bukokholo and Kibeu Primary schools producing learners and teachers for participation.

 The topics that were covered

Introduction to computers and importance of computer technology in socio-economic development

Under this topic the teachers were introduced to computers. First of all they defined what is a computer to the teachers, the chairman went ahead and named types of computers and how they look like and how they are managed. So the teachers were shown various parts on an XO laptop and their functions. They were first shown how to open the XO laptop, after opening he started explaining the work of the antennas, from there they were shown the screen/monitor and it’s work, they were also shown the keyboard and the work of all those keys on the keyboard.
They were also shown the touchpad which works the same work  with the mouse. Apart from those they were shown the speaker, the camera and the charging system.

NB: Most of the these teachers had never operated a computer. We were forced to start from scratch. We are still giving them more time for training.

After he has finished showing them all those parts on an n Xo laptop, they were shown how to switch them on and after its ready it shows activities, some activities are installed vertically while others horizontally. They tried to move the cursor on every activity and came to know all the activities that are installed there. They started with write activity here by they wrote their names on the xo laptop, after writing their names they were shown how to highlight, bold, to put in italics, to underline the text, to increase  the font size of
their names an then lastly they choose a color. Another activity was the record activity which they found it interesting.  Teachers were shown how to take photographs; they took as many photographs as they can after that, they went on video where by they enjoyed recording themselves what they were doing.

The same was done to other activities The chairman went ahead and told them the importance of computers; some of the importances were being said by the teachers themselves. There was one teacher from Bukokholo primary school who said that, their children are real benefiting a lot because the knowledge they have so far in computer is much. The children are already familiar with the computers and therefore after school they can do anything on a computer. A another teacher from Kibeu primary school said that
the knowledge  they have in computer now will make the pupils when they go to secondary, they will find it easy when taking computer lessons

General management of the Xo laptops; storage, charging, security of the Xos in schools and leaders in charge

These are the suggestions from the teachers who were present that day;

Bukokholo primary school-

Storage– the Deputy headteacher   said that the computers can be kept in his office and no one can be found there unless permitted in that room.

Security- when it comes to security at Bukokholo primary school there’s no problem because the school has a watchman who is there during the day and night, so the computers are very much save there.

Charging – when it comes to charging computers the deputy said they can organize and negotiate with the secondary school. They can talk with the headmistress of Bukokholo girls because they have electricity, another advantage is that, the two schools are too close and therefore transportation will be not be a problem.

Kibeu primary school

Storage– the teachers who were from Kibeu suggested that, they will also use the deputy’s room because it’s also save, its private and the computers will be save.

when it comes to security, the school has two watchmen, one during the day and another one during the night and the office is always well locked.

In Kibeu there is electricity in school and therefore the computers can be charged from
the school, so no problem with charging computers.

Butonge primary school

In Butonge, they have created a specific room for computers only. The head teacher provided a room for computers and it’s made for computers only and the school
will just have to appoint one teacher to be in charge of that room and it will
be always locked unless there’s a computer lesson.

In Butonge there’s no electricity and therefore with charging computers there’s a problem. That means they have just to charge from somewhere else.

the school has enough security because after the learning the doors are well locked and
the there two watch men.

All the teachers were shown how to charge those computers, when the computer fully
charged it shows a green color and when it’s flat it shows an orange color.

After every school has suggested, they were additional randomly.  The deputy of Bukokholo primary school suggested that , it will be good if every school to have a trained teacher for computers so that the school can create time for computer lessons, on that
point the chairman reacted by saying that  an volunteer will be trained for free without any payment and if the school will wish to employ a teacher  then the school will have to pay the teacher

– The teachers suggested that the deputy head teacher to be the stockholder since he
keeps so many things, he should be the over all. They also suggested that every school to organize and have a computer room so that the pupils can just take computer lessons from there instead of moving from one place to another and this will minimize the spoilage of computers. The cupboard should be also locked.

They also suggested that, in every school the staff to appoint one teacher to be in
charge of the computer room who will be under the deputy.  Every class to have a  representative in case of anything, he informs the person in charge


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