Teacher and Student Comments About Learning Tasks

Some teachers of Misanga primary school joined the volunteers in organizing pupils
into small groups of three. Two of the teachers were also willing to join the class and learn. On our departure, teachers requested pupils to organize a lesson for them.

Pupils were amazed on seeing their images and hearing their voices  on how they sung in record activity. They enjoyed the lessons especially  on record activity. Pupils felt happy because they have learned something to do with computer. They said that they wished to be taught on daily basis.

Pupils said that they are now literate and not illiterate like villagers.

Some teachers requested for the computers because they have seen the importance.


primary school standard seven. Pupils in FGDs discussing over the importance of
XO laptops. How far they have understood about HIV/AIDS. By use of write and
record activities, pupils wrote and recorded their ideas  on HIV control and how they should stay with  people living positively at home to reduce stigma.


– Morning- Kibeu primary school standard six. Pupils used record activity to explode their talents and how the OLPC had helped them to change their behaviors/ behavior change and communication- they sang and recited poems.

Afternoon-Butonge primary school shared the experience on math program me. How they have benefited from XO laptop- by use write activity.


Morning- Sunrise academy. They did write activity and Keyboarding.

Pupils were shown how to use the keyboard and identifying parts of computer and
different keys and wrote their names on XO laptop.

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Believer in educating the world using "open systems", "open content", "open source" and providing tools to inquiring minds without pre-conditions.
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