Teacher Stories: Bonaventure and Rose

Teacher and Assistant Leader Bonaventure Masika

I remember 2009 census most of our pupils had never used computer or even seen one,  but now through OLPC Contributor program and Small Solutions support our rural community is happy,  because their children have access to new technology.  A.C Butonge ,Bukokholo R.C  School and  S.A Kibeu Primary schools even they claim it to be a golden chance.

The Hands of Charity OLPC program has helped me to interact with the pupils as they find ways using the XO Activities, chat who are now free to express and talk about themselves concerning HIV/AIDS . By expressing themselves with words, video, voice, music and drawing they have learned the importance of assertiveness. These activities are the best way of bringing young people together to interact and share challenges of HIV. They are learning that together they can solve some of their problems.

The program had influenced pupils to think of careers as journalists after using the record activity the XO laptop and seeing themselves talk.  Using Turtle Art has helped pupils become more imaginative and creative, thus improving mathematical skills.

TEACHER ROSE WEKESA OF BUNGOMA OLPC PROGRAMME                                     

In some schools this project has assisted pupils to know how to interact with people, know how to communicate in English and know how they can prevent HIV/AIDS as a disease in this world. Pupils are very creative when begin the activities and learn record. The make and sing songs concerning HIV/AIDS.

This project has encouraged pupils in so many schools to have visions in there lives. The pupils have started to make decisions and putting in more efforts in their studies.

We have had been experiencing difficulties carrying out this programs because sometimes there is no means of transport. Other times we normally carry the laptops on our backs because the roads are not well made.

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