Integration of Internet via XO laptop for Rural school children in Bungoma courtesy of Small Solutions

Access to internet in the rural areas via XO activities.

Hi all!
Its all a new beginning for schools in Bungoma as internet services pick up via XO laptops courtesy of Small Solutions through Hands of Charity in Bungoma. Using the browse activity on the XO laptop, the teachers and learners in Butonge Primary school, Bukokholo Girls Sec.School,Bukokholo Primary School and Kibeu Primary School can now access internet. Thanks to the Small Solutions who provided the data bands for unlimited access, modems and the cradle point which is serving five laptops at ago. The clients to this facility are very happy. The curriculum for HIV/AIDS has incorporated Internet services.
BIG thanks to Sandra, the Executive Director of Small Solutions for actualizing this on her visit to the OLPC sites in Kenya.
Our clients; the teachers and the students/learners can find the most current information on different subjects. for example, present rate of spread of HIV/AIDS, curriculum subject areas, revision papers for exams. We can very easily download new/updates sugar labs activities on XO laptops.
This is a great move. .

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Believer in educating the world using "open systems", "open content", "open source" and providing tools to inquiring minds without pre-conditions.
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