The continuing OLPC work in Bungoma by Hands of Charity in Schools


This is the work covered for the month of January 2012

4/1/2012- Bukokholo primary school- standard 7.

Write activity– pupils were to familiarize themselves on the keyboard so to identify letters, punctuation marks and to speed up their typing. They wrote an essay on XO laptop computer technology and it’s importance to their future. 64 pupils, 18 laptops, 1 teacher and 4 volunteers.

5/1/2012- Butonge primary school standard 8.

The Maths Project

Turtle activity- pupils constructed the following structures, rectangle, square, right angled triangle and semi-circle. They also learned how to pen size and set color. It was interesting because most of the pupils set their minds on computer and they asked several questions so that they can be perfect on the turtle art project- e. g how does it make, how does it turn right, left and how do we change units. 16 laptops, 1 teacher, 3 volunteers and 49 pupils.

6/1/2012- St. Monica Girls Bukokholo Secondary School.

Record activity and write activity were used- students did recording of poems and songs which they composed themselves. Later on, they listened in different formed. Afterwards they used Chat activity on the XO laptops to share ideas from what they have recited and sang.

Questions that came up in class from children were; what will happen when I do sex at my youth stage? What will be the result if I do? What can we do to prevent ourselves from contracting the virus? 18 laptops used, 1 teacher, 3 volunteers and 33 students.


Welcoming Sandra Thaxter to Bungoma arrived at Bukokholo few minutes to 8:00 pm. East Africa time.

Accompanied by the Manager of the project.

8/1/2012: Refresher training for teachers/ volunteers facilitated by Sandra Thaxter- from 10:00 am- 6:30pm.Many areas were covered including Mapping,new activities on XO laptops,Planning for the future.

9/1/2012- 10:00am-1:00pm –Bukokholo primary school– Assessment by small solution Big ideas Director Sandra Thaxter standard 7. Write activity–  pupils typed text highlight, bold, italic, underline and format. The kids wrote about HIV/AIDS in full, modes of HIV transmission, save ways that you can not get HIV. Later on group presentation of each group. 20 laptops, 1 teacher, 2 volunteers. At t he same time Oscar was training 11 pupils on mapping 2 pupils from each class [5-7]-3  from standard 8 and 2 volunteers Pasiliza and Lilian.

9/1/2012– 3:00pm – 5:00pm

St. Monica girls’ Secondary School– Form Three – assessment by Sandra. Write activity– Students typed about the importance of XO technology {computer}. The following points came out; Easier communication, storage of information for future reference, chat, makes the world very small, information accessibility is easier among other points. They also did bit of record activity- where they took their photos on the XO laptop and viewed them. 15 laptops, 2 teachers, 4 volunteers.

10/1/2012– 10:30am-1:00pm – Kibeu primary school– assessment by Sandra. Standard 8- record activity- where pupils recorded songs about preventive measures of HIV by use of video on OX laptop. They were asked to listen to what they recorded and share ideas. Later on they used write activity to write those preventive measures and present. We made it as a game as we asked them who is to finish fast. This helped them to concentrate on the computer. 15 laptops, 1 teacher, 2 volunteers, 36 pupils. At the same time Oscar proceeded with mapping at Bukokholo primary school with the same team.

11/1/2012– volunteers meeting with Sandra on how to improve the project. 1:00 pm departure of Sandra from Bukokholo to Kisumu.

15/1/2012– Stakeholders meeting at Fremas hotel Bungoma town. Meeting facilitated by Sandra.

16/1/2012– school program me- classes for computer lessons at Kibeu primary school to OX laptop technology.

18/1/2012Butonge primary school the same issues as on 16-17/1/2012.

19/1/2012– Refresher of training on turtle art of the 4 volunteers facilitated by Bonventure.

23/1/2012 – 11:00- 12: 40pm standard 7 Bukokholo primary school. Pupils refreshed themselves on the keyboarding by writing essay about to live with people affected and infected by HIV. As a result every group presented its work by reading what they typed and the teacher set discussion in form of role plays and question asked what they have learned from the role plays. 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm standard 8 same school. Pupils wrote stories about what is happening in the community to those people who are affected by HIV. Group presentation and discussion by the help of Teachers/volunteers. Number of laptops for both classes- 20 laptops, 1 teacher, 4 volunteers- standard 7- 60 pupils, standard 8-38 pupils.

24/1/2012Butonge primary school Turtle art project. 11: 00am-1:00pm. Standard 7 introduction to turtle art activity. By help of volunteers pupils were showed how to move block as to construct any structure, not only that but also they were shown how to change units. Later on they did the example of constructing triangle, circle and rectangle. 1 teacher, 4 volunteers, 22 laptops and 110 pupils.

From 3:00 pm -5:00pm std 8 Butonge primary school, pupils solved mathematical sums by use of calculate activity on XO laptops, for example; what is the square root of the structure whose area is 421 cm2. Pupils showed interest as they got answers easily and they promised to work hard and het informed of the technology. 48 pupils, 1 teacher, 4 volunteers.

25/1/2012Kibeu primary school std 7 11:0 am- 1:00pm. They wrote essays by use of write activity. Heading of the essay-‘HIV DOES NOT CHOOSE WHO YOU ARE’ pupils came out with ideas that can real help the entire community. E g –issues that came out are as follows; HIV infects- the young, the old, the aged, rich and the poor. Good enough ideas came out of the children themselves. 3:00 pm-5:00pm.

Std 7 – the same activity and almost issues were the same a part from language variation- std 8 seem to have known more English than std 7.

26/1/2012Butonge Primary School.

11:00am-1:00pm –std 6 introduction to computer- manipulation of XO laptops opening. Learning how to start the laptop. Pupils learned the parts of the XO laptop and their functions, Definition of computer, type of computer and bit of write activity- typing their names on the XO laptop. Highlight, bold, italic, fontzise, font color and format. 1 teacher, 4 volunteers, 96 pupils and 24 laptops.

26/1/2012Butonge primary school. Turtle art project- pupils constructed polygons, semi-circles, triangles- each group presented and showed how they were arranging blocks and changing units and angles to come up with such structures. The project is assisting pupils to improve on math skills and how to come up with angles and be so imaginative. 20 laptops, 1 teacher, 4 volunteers and 49 pupils.

27/1/2012Bukokholo Primary School. Std 6, introduction to computers, watching and manipulation of computer, learning how to operate the computers XO laptops, learning parts and function of the X0 computer. Pupils were asked to identify what is found on the keyboard. They did bit of write activity- typed their names, highlighted, bold, italic, underline, font size and font color. 20 laptops, 1 teacher, 3 volunteers and 60 pupils. From 3:00 pm -5:00pm std 7. Wrote facts about HIV/AIDS by use of write activity on the XO laptop. They wrote stories about HIV- some said that aids (HIV came from an ape- this showed that in some families people have misconceptions on aids. From this issue, we came up with a discussion about aids and did research on the Wikipedia on the XO laptop and told them why we called it human. Immune deficiency virus- Human means- it infects and affects human beings. 22 laptops, 1 teacher, 4 volunteers and 70 pupils.

28/1/2012– 10:00am -1:00 pm Refresher of volunteers, teachers on different activities found on XO laptop e g calculate activity.

30/1/2012– 11:00am -1:00 pm std 6.

Bukokholo primary school we had continuation teaching on keyboarding to enable pupils to master and identify what they don’t understand. How they can write a capital letter, how to use ctrl + A to highlight, ctrl+ S to save, ctrl+ Q to stop. 20 laptops.

30/1/2012– 3:00pm- 5:00pm. They had questions on HIV/AIDs. They answered by use write activity.

i)                    Discuss three ways that transmits HIV.

ii)                  What can we do to people leaving with HIV/AIDs at home?

iii)                What can be done to reduce HIV transmission? We made it as a game who to finish fast. This helps pupils to think very fast and speed up their typing skills. 22 laptops, 1 teacher, 4 volunteers and 64 pupils.

31/1/2012Bukokholo girls secondary school form three.

Adolescent and sexuality.

Students used write activity on XO laptops. We asked students to come up with stories about the meaning of adolescence, describe physical emotional and social changes experienced during adolescence. Also to describe changes experienced by adolescent boys and girls and; i) in which ways they can be harmful to HIV era. Ii) How can they overcome such situations. After writing we had group presentation and discussion to reach the resolutions. 24 laptops, 1 teacher, 2 volunteers and 36 students. Time taken was 11:00am- 1:00pm.

31/1/2012- Butonge Primary School -Std 8.

They used calculate activity. On this activity they used algebra as a topic. Pupils used XO laptop to find square roots, square, % profit and profit. Later on pupils embarked on Turtle art project where they constructed a cylinder and calculated it in their exercise books. 24 laptops, 1 teacher, 3 volunteers and 49 pupils.



a)      Group exercise – on this they form a game that allows participants to move t he room, talk frankly, have fun while learning and discussing.

b)      Brain storming- creative way of generating ideas in children in a short time.

c)       Questions- this helps to reinforce information/ clarification of points.

d)      Role plays- helpful to explore emotions of the kids.


Shortage of laptops.We still have more pupils interested in learning computer (XO laptop).Computer student ratio still is still low.

We still face financial challenge.Funds are highly required to run the programme.


Small Solutions Big ideas Organization to fundraise and buy more computers so that we can have at least 2 pupils per laptop for the pupil to have more time on the computer and reach out the many schools in county which over 400.

Teachers of OLPC project

The teachers wish to thank the Small Solutions for the support  are they giving. They promise to work harder to achieve the goals by supporting young learners so that they can get something from this technology. Thank you so much for the bicycles,stipend,training by the Director Sandra Thaxter,more XO laptops and meeting our travel expenses.




                                             BUNGOMA COUNTY

Kibeu Primary School.

Wednesday 1st February  olpc team went to Kibeu primary school. The team handled STD 7 at 11.00a.m -1.00pm. The work done by teachers and volunteers was to introduce them to computer. The pupils defined the term computer, gave the importance, mentioned the parts of computer and their functions on the xo laptop. Types of computers- the were assisted to navigate to different activities on the xo laptop and they were also to mention what they have seen.The pupils were then introduced to write activity where they typed there names, highlighted, bolded, underlined and increased the font of the words .This exercise was a surprise to all and it increased the interest of the learners in learning of xo laptop. We had 63 pupils 21 laptop -3 per laptop 2 teachers 3 volunteers.

Same date 1st Feb 2012- From 3.00p.m-5.00p.m

The same team delt with STD six on the same topic introduction to computer.  The population was less. We had 54 pupils, 22 computers, 1 teacher and 3 volunteers

Bukokholo Primary

2nt Feb 2012- Thursday

STD 6 Bukokholo primary school was handled by the olpc team of 5 people. Pupils did more on keyboarding –pupils typed text on the xo laptop what they know about Hiv/Aids in the local level. They used wikipedia on the XO the same to confirm  spelling of the words they typed. From what they typed on the laptop, the teacher organized for a discussion through different groups formed and presentations were done. We had 60 pupils 20 laptops -3 per laptop,1 teacher 4 volunteers. Time 11.00 -1.00p.m.

2/2/2012, STD 7 of the same school-Bukokholo – By use of chat activity, pupils discussed over preventive measures of Hiv/Aids as the way of exchanging ideas and sharing experience. From this key issues came out like stigmatization, nutrition and support. No of pupils; 55, 20 laptops, 1 teacher 3 volunteers. Time, 3.00p.m – 5.00p.m.

3rd Feb 2012 Friday.

Butonge primary school

STD 7 East

Keyboarding. Since they had keyboarding problems, teachers/volunteers gave learners time to type texts on the computer that can help them improve grammar and speed up the typing skills. After that presentations were done and the corrections were made by teachers, volunteers and learners themselves. It was so interesting . We had 53 pupils 18 laptops 3 teachers 3 volunteers. Time 11-1.00p.m Lastly,They saved their work on xo by use of xo ctrl + s/ keep.

Same date 3rd Feb 2012 Friday.

Olpc team visited   the same school Butonge primary STD 7 West and did the same activities as in STD 7 East. They saved their work on the xo laptop –ctrl + s/ keep.

4th Feb 2012 Saturday –cleaning and compiling weekly report.

5th Feb 2012, 3 hr  programme for accessing internet by use of cradle point technology for youths from different schools and places. We searched for books and Wikipedia.

6th Feb – St Monica Bukokholo Girls sec. school.

We went to Bukokholo Girls at 3.00p.m were we met Form 3 students did some work by use of Wikipedia by researching the origin of  HIV virus and its meaning. The activity created more interest as students wanted to know how the virus came into existence. After researching, students felt that they should remain with the laptops and do more research in different fields like different subjects, love, emotions, and many others .The lesson ended at 5.45p.m, 24 laptops; 48 students- 2 per laptop, 1 teacher and 4 volunteers. They then saved their work on the xo laptop.


Bukokholo primary school

Teachers and Volunteers   of OLPC started the lesson at 11.00a.m in STD 6. We started with paint activity where learners were directed on how to choose tools for painting. After knowing tools and how to draw, they were to practice it by drawing and painting different structures and they were to save them on there xo laptop for future reference. Most of the pupils were interested in the drawing houses. In total we had 45 pupils 15 laptops -3 per laptop, 1 teacher and 3 volunteers.

Same date 7/2/2012

The team met STD 7 West of Bukokholo primary school.  The team organized a discussion on Hiv where pupils used write activity to describe the consequences of Hiv/ Aids to young generation and how they should come out of this epidemic. We had 54 pupils, 20 laptop with numbers per group varying, 1 teacher and 3 volunteers.



We visited STD 7 west of Butonge primary school. We started with keyboard were pupils typed essays about themselves and the importance of computer in the curriculum for the first hour of the session. 2nd hour, the pupils were directed for implode game  on the XO which really impressed and excited them as they were reducing block to the list number they could. We had 17 laptop, 3 per laptop, 1 teacher and 3 volunteers. Time 11.00am -1.15p.m.


Same OLPC team tought STD 7 East on the same to enable them move at the same pace as STD 7 West. Butonge primary school

Kibeu Primary

9/2/2012. Kibeu primary school – keyboarding – pupils typed texts and by the help of volunteers, they were shown how to punctuate and to write correct spellings. The main reasons for this was to improve language [English] skills since most of are affected by their mother tongue. We had 20 laptops 60 pupils 3 per laptop 1 teacher and 4 volunteers. Time 11.00a.m – 1.00p.m.

9/2/2012- 3-5p.m STD 8 Kibeu primary school

Quiz on HIV/AIDS – reason is to help in reinforcing information and facts about HIV/AIDS in pupils.

Pupils answered the question by use of write activity at the same time mastering the keyboard as they write. For the kids to have interest, we asked them to compete and se who was to finish first. They lastly presented what they had typed as a group and corrections was done.

Butonge Primary

10/2/2012 11 -1.00p.m-Butonge primary school maths programme. We went in class 8 were the following was done by use of the xo laptop. Calculate activity– algebra- they solved math problems- examples-squares and square roots- as a result, the activity created interest to pupils in doing math 2 hrs.

From 3-5.30p.m, we come back in the same class with Turtle Art construction of different figures .e.g circles semi-circles, Triangles, hexagon among others. The objective was to increase imagination and estimation in pupils. 1 teacher 4 volunteers 20 laptops.  No. per laptop varied.

Bukokholo Primary

13/2/2012 Bukokholo primary school- Literacy class- STD 6

The pupils used write activity on the xo laptop to type essays about what they would like to be in future putting in concentration punctuation marks and typing speed. Pupils were encouraged to use both hands when typing. We asked pupils to read what they had written. 18 laptops 54 pupils 1 teacher 3 volunteers. Time, 11.15-1.20p.m.

13/2/2012. Bukokholo primary – Keyboarding STD7.

We reminded pupils the work of different keys which they did not know. Keys taught  were pg up, pg down, End , Home, Ctrl, Enter, Shift and appreviations- Ctrl + A, Ctrl + Z, Ctrl +Q Ctrl + S and their meaning , objectives and basic skills on computer

Bukokholo girl’s sec schools

14/2/2012: Bukokholo girl’s sec schools .keyboarding by use of typing Turtle on the xo laptop. Students were much interested with the activity though they had difficulties in typing. The objective was to increase the typing speed. They also did research by use of Wikipedia to find the origin and causes of HIV virus. Objective is to be aware of how HIV  is spread and it how it affects most.

F11 and 111 combined. Time 2hrs and 30mins, 1 teacher, 12 laptops, 36 students. We only picked some due to sports.

15/2/ 2012.

Kibeu primary school .11-1.00p.m in STD 7.

We did more work on keyboarding because majority of the pupils had English problem. This was to help them identify were to use punctuation marks and were to place a capital letter and how to make paragraphs. Our objective was to improve on learners’ language skills. We had 20 laptops, 60 pupils, 3 per laptop, 1 teacher and 3 volunteers.

Time 3 -5.00pm in STD 8 on the same activities and objectives.

16/2/2013: Butonge primary school– Literacy STD 6.

Children used write activity to write a composition about MY SELF. Things we considered in this activity was; grammar, spellings and punctuations.  Pupils wrote the essays and made presentations as others listened and after each, corrections were done by the teacher, volunteers and learners themselves.  The objective was to improve their English language. We had 24 laptops, 74 pupils 4 volunteers and 1 teacher. Time 10.30-1.00p.m.

16/2/2012, same school –STD 7 west, using the same write activity, pupils were to write about the importance of computer technology especially the xo laptop in their curriculum. There was the group presentation at last. We had 20 laptops 52 pupils 1 teacher 3 volunteers.

Butonge primary

17/ 2/ 2012. One class Butonge primary STD 8

Finding of % profit and loss by use of calculate activity. Teachers got questions from text books and pupils answered them. We had 20 laptops, 48 pupils 1 teacher 3 volunteers.

Bukokholo primary

20/2/2012 –STD 6 Bukokholo primary school Literacy

We used the xo laptop nearest dictionary to find the meaning of different words that learners felt that they were hard for the first 1hr.  After that, learners used write activity to write a composition about, what I like most including vocabularies learned from the dictionary.  The objective was to improve grammar of the learners same time promoting language in the school.  We had 20 laptops 56 pupils 1 teacher 4 volunteers.

20/2/2012- Same activity was done in STD 7 in the same school from 3.00-5.00p.m. We had 22 laptops 61 pupils 1 teacher 4 volunteers.

Butonge primary

21/ 2/ 2012;- The program changed-[Tuesday] The olpc team visited Butonge primary instead of Bukokholo Girls sec school. From11.00a.m -1.00p.m. We handled STD 6 Butonge primary and the following was done; Learners were taught how to start a paragraph and punctuating the text typed. Pupils were given questions to answer by use of write activity on the xo laptop. Questions answered were as follows; What is computer, Name what the keyboard consists of , other name for screen, work of the cursor/touchpad. We then had group presentations. The objective was to familiarize the learners with the keyboard. We had 24 laptop 74 pupils 1 teacher 4 volunteers.

21/2/2012- STD 8 Butonge primary school math program

Learners were to use calculate activity on the xo laptop to find areas of circles, parallelogram, surface area and cylinders. The objective was to create math interest in learners. We had 20 laptops, 48 pupils, 2 or 3 per laptop, 1 teacher 3 volunteers. Time 3- 5.30p.m.

The Volunteers who have been taking part for this month included

1)    Bonventure Masika(Ass/Leader)

2)    Peris Wafula

3)    Rose Wekesa

4)    Pasilisa Nasong’o

5)    Lilian Lufwalula

Every school being visited, pupils are being given time to find information on internet.Teachers have been encouraged to use laptops to get information.

Fred Juma Wakasiaka

Project Manager



WED 22nd Feb 2012 – Kibeu primary school – STD 7- record activity

Pupils took photographs and viewed them; they sang songs and recorded them by use of video on the xo laptop. Children composed songs and they were so happy with the session. Last but not least they recorded by use of audio.

THUR 23RD Feb 2012 – Butonge primary school- Turtle Art – Geometry – STD 8

Construction of triangles & Quadrilaterals – pupils were much interested with the activity since it made the pupils more concentrated on computer. They arranged blocks to come up with intended structures. (2hrs)

THUR – same date 23/02/2012 same school standard 7 East 3-5.00pm

Introduction to Turtle Art activity – here pupils were shown how to arrange Turtle blocks-pupils tried by the help of volunteers present. At the end of the session pupils were able to arrange blocks that can draw a square/rectangle. Learners showed interest on the activity. This took us 2hrs,   54 pupils attended – 18 laptops were used and 3 volunteers and 1 teacher took part .

FRI 24TH Feb/2012 – std 8 Butonge primary school – using calculate activity to find decimal & percentages. They used the activity to solve math problems of subtraction and addition thus converting them into decimals and percentages. continuation of the above from

MON 27th Feb 2012 – Bukokholo primary std 6 – talked about HIV/AIDS. Research on HIV/AIDS- from the Wikipedia – they used exercise books and write activity to draft what they got from the Wikipedia. With research pupils looked at the meaning of virus, HIV in full and its spellings AIDS in full and spellings – ways of transmission in length 11-1.15pm

MON 27th Feb 2012 – in the same afternoon – 3pm – 5.30pm STD 8 Bukokholo primary school. Used write activity as a way of familiarizing the keyboard. Here we asked pupils to write stories about themselves in form an essay – pupils wrote and punctuated them. After writing essay pupils were asked to present by reading what they have written. Here were concerned with spellings, pronunciation of words and personality in pupils.

TUE 28th Feb 2012 – Butonge primary school – STD 7 West – introduction to implode game – 1st pupil were directed to the activity on the xo laptop by the help of the volunteers, Explanation was done on how to use.  It really attracted the minds of pupils who so much concentrated on learning how to reduce block up to the least number. Pupils remarked that the activity can real increase creativity in their.

WED 29TH Feb 2012 – Kibeu primary school- STD 7

Knowledge it took 3 hrs- 3pm- 6pm

Continuation of record activity for perfecting the activity by pupils they did the following:

-took photographs on the xo laptop

-Record video – songs and poems

-replaying videos recorded by pupils

-learning how to save them on the laptop.

-verbal discussion over the activity

Pupils in Bungoma County find reference material in subject areas and HIV/AIDS on internet through XO laptops-OLPC Bungoma Kenya

THUR 01/03/2012: Butonge primary school –STD 8 Basic computer skills. Refreshing pupils (learners) over what they had understood about computers. Technology -work of keyboard, monitor, Antenna, camera, speakers and how to punctuate 11-1.00 pm

THUR 01/03/2012 –STD 7 East – introduction to implode as it was done in STD 7 West on 28/Feb/2012. Learners did the same.  Std 8 Butonge primary school – pupils did more about squares, squawroots – the activity created interest of doing math in learners.

MON  05/03/2012 –on the date teachers/volunteers changed the time table – instead of Bukokholo primary- the Olpc team visited Butonge primary school std 7 West & 7 East in different sessions – West – 11-1. 00pm. By use of browse activity pupils did research on solar system. it was interesting for pupils and made notes for future reference. Pupils were eager to know about, the planets and the many others. Later on pupils enjoyed samples of music found on xo laptop browse activity for leisure.

MON 05/03/2012 – 7 east did the same as above

MON 05/03/2012 – 1 Volunteer taught teachers about internet via goggle. First teachers were introduced use of the gradlepoint and  modem. They were shown how to connect xo laptop and gradlepoint. After connection teachers did the following research; soil concentration, New 7 wonders of the world. The school was very happy for the internet over from the gradlepoint and safaricom monthly unlimited access. The internet exploration attracted interests of teachers and pupils who promised to learn more for the help of supporting the syllabus.

TUE 06/03/2012 – Bukokholo primary school

Std 7 and 8 combined in the session learners were guided by volunteers as directed by teacher to use browse activity on the xo laptop to read in books and texts to learn about the solar system. it also attracted the minds of the children that led them to make notes for future reference in their studies. It took us too long time as pupils were eager to get more research about  the solar system- we stopped the class due to power out of the battery for taking so long  3hrs.

06/03/2012 – Bukokholo primary – 3.00- 5.30pm

The teachers in Bukokholo Primary School find help  on internet through the OLPC XO project in Bungoma.

The OLPC teachers and volunteers met 4 regular teachers of staff and taught them about the internet. We  introduced them  to internet by use of gradlepoint technology- teachers were shown how to connect gradlepoint with safaricom modem and the XO laptop computers through browse activity. The response of the teachers was so good, they  used internet web to learn more about :

  • Small Solutions big ideas,
  • goggle maps e.g. that of Bungoma County,
  •  science teacher looked at solar system and nervous system of a human being.
  • In the sessions there was one teacher who had spleen complications and wanted to know about it from the web and she did- Madam Linar of Bukokholo primary school – she got a lot of information which convinced her mind. As a centre of interest time seemed to be showed for them and promised to do more research by use of gradlepoint technology to access internet, they congratulated Small Solutions for their idea of giving them free internet services.

WED 07/03/2012- 11- 1pm – Bonventure and 4 volunteers training about the internet and internet and other activities they have not properly mastered.

3.00pm – 5.00pm Kibeu primary- quiz on HIV/AIDS – pupils used write activity to answer the following – (STD 7)

– Where AIDS is found

-why should we prevent ourselves from the HIV virus

-As pupils what do you think will be the effect of HIV virus to your Education?

– How do people living positively are cared in our communities

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