It has a big impact on the children’s behavour;most of them are now more assertive and can articulate their rights vividly.They can present their findings with confidence in their meetings.They have learnt to interact with adults through community outreach programme of HIV/AIDS project.Talents of singing,acting on topics are now being expressed among children in the project.This has really excited the parents and the community at large in Bungoma.Butonge Primary school has received  afew XOs from the small solutions just to start of the sustainability of the project.

It is a big privilege for them to meet with people from outside Africa like the Director of Small Solutions, Sandra Thaxter when she visited the OLPC site in Bungoma,Kenya.The children were so motivated to talk and express themselves as they interacted with our sponsor from the US.The four days of Sandra’s visit was a big time for children in schools and  villages.Perplexed by her skin colour calling her ‘muzungu’, they enjoyed her teaching when she joined Hands of Charity team to teach and interact with them.Our children have a lot of hope.They are so excited to see their teachers and a few of their friends on mountain bikes as they come to teach them.A few children also received bicycles  donated by Small Solutions and friends.This has really changed their attitude towards being in school.They so excited to be school where their are Laptops and they can now access internet to find information and be in contact with the rest of the world.They are now able to access the computers easily because some of the volunteers have been sponsored by Small Solutions to be regular.Hands of Charity in conjunction with Small Solutions are planning to set up Youth Friendly corners in Kenya starting from the Bungoma site.It will help to bring youths together through youth-friendly programmes on the XO computers, we appeal to well wishers and sponsors to donate towards this.Be Part of the team that is transforming children’s lives in Africa by your donation.

By the Project Manager- Hands of Charity Bungoma Kenya

Fred Juma Wakasiaka


mobile: +254721269450

About smallsolutionsbigideas

Believer in educating the world using "open systems", "open content", "open source" and providing tools to inquiring minds without pre-conditions.
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