The visit by the Director of Small Solutions Sandra Thaxter meant a lot.It was a time to find out the extent to which the project has taken root among children in schools that are benefiting from the project.This was so amazing and brought alot of excitement among teachers and children.Alot of training for the teachers and team leaders.She attended lessons and trained teachers and volunteers.This has brought a new impetus  for work to assist the children in schools that are benefiting from the project.

Work well done by Hands of Charity.She met the headteacher,school management and Hands of Charity Management.She discussed with team the benefits and progress of the project.Below is Sandra expressing a point

to Oscar who doing the mapping project with children in schools.This was at a training workshop in Bukokholo village.Next to Sandra is manager Fred Juma Wakasiaka,Volunteers; Rose,passilisa,Peris and Lilian.The Hands of Charity is trying to get a place for office and space for children and youth for the upcoming Youth Friendly Corner(YFC).

Children busy with XO laptops.More XOs are required to reduce the number of student:laptop ratio for effective learning.They were so excited to visitors.The activities on the laptop are so child- friendly that they spent alot of time on it.

XO project has really sharpened children in the project including presentation skills.Children express themselves on what they have learned at Butonge Primary School.The headteacher, Fred the Manager and Sandra looking on.These kids and youth find XO laptop project very vital to them.The school really improved in Maths performance in the National examinations due to XO laptop project.

Very excited boys and girls in the rural areas in Bungoma after learning.The XO lessons by the OLPC has changed positively the personality of children here and they are now able to reach out others in the world through internet via XO laptops.Some just sing about it.

This was time to share ideas map the way foward for the OLPC projects.Leaders with different skills have come together expand the OLPC work in the region.

Working with very eager children though crowded in classes.More computers are required to enable children learn effectively.These children really need our help.

The community members received  Sandra with alot of excitement.Children who learn XO laptop programmes from the villaage were really excited they really wanted to have more time the visitors.Learning technology from home has made a difference for them.

The girl doing  it alone in a Maths/turtle art class.

By Fred Juma Wakasiaka the Manager.

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Believer in educating the world using "open systems", "open content", "open source" and providing tools to inquiring minds without pre-conditions.
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