10-13/03/2012 –

Hands of Charity Organisation  in collaboration with Small Solutions in US have kept touch with children in the village in Bungoma County Kenya supporting the youth and children who could otherwise not be able to receive any computer skills.This has continually gone on now benefiting regular teachers in schools from these rural areas.As Hands of Charity we appeal to support us to reach out more children the rural areas.Thanks to Small Solutions.They need our support.

The learners can find revision materials through XO laptops which is boosting their preparation for National Examinations

Refresher training for volunteers and training of youth out of school on how to use XO laptop technology, we used browse activity to access internet whereby trainees accessed internet in the following fields – maps – Bungoma County, finding more information about Small Solutions and other similar organisations


Internet for the youth at school from neighboring schools, browsing to find the updates about HIV/AIDS and risks to HIV transmission.


            Bukokholo Primary School – For std 7 & 8 – Activity being browse on wiki- junior, solar system. The activity is real attracting the interest of children since they are eager to learn more about planets. At the same time teachers were browsing by the help of cradle point technology on field of diseases, history, tips of essay writing in English where thy got several of them.

With pupils – 3 volunteers and one teacher- laptops in class for pupils – 20 laptops, for teachers – 4 laptops and time taken – 2hrs for every session for pupils – 21/2hrs


Kibeu primary school – class six – pupils used write activity to learn the keyboard by typing texts, highlight the texts, bolding, italic, underline and font. Pupils were much happy for they can type their names and English words on the computer and change the font of typed text. Towards the end of the session pupils were asked to spell different words from the typed text and do some correction so as to improve English writing as one language skills. 43 pupils, 20 laptops, 3 volunteers, 1 teacher and time taken was 2hrs.


Butonge primary school – browse activity – std 7 East – 49 pupils. By use of cradle point technology volunteers divided the class in different so that they can access the internet. We connected 5 xo laptops each group with their learners. Mostly we browsed on communicable diseases such as Malaria and updates on math past papers from Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E).

Notes were made by the learners. Time taken was two hrs thirty min, 3 volunteers (Bonventure, Peris, Pascilisa and Lilian)


Butonge primary school – std 7 – continuation on browse activity wiki-junior solar system. We found out that as learners noticed that there’s a lot on wiki-junior solar system their interest is to get more information on planets. Learners claim that the activity is real supporting them to do better in science as a subject. 16 laptops, 36 pupils and 4 volunteers

26/03/2012 at Bukokholo Primary School.

From 3:00pm – 5:30pm – teachers using cradle point technology, we connected 5 xo laptops for teachers of Bukokholo primary to access internet. Fields accessed are as follows;

  1. Epilepsy and its medication
  2. Spleen – what causes its deforming
  3. Nervous – system and reproductive health
  4. History –Kenyahistory and how it was colonized

5 laptops, 6 teachers being trained by two volunteers (Bonventure and Peris)


            Bukokholo girls – internet – students browsed for a model K.C.S.E papers before, students were shown how to connect the cradle point and how to browse. 3hrs, 15 students, 5 laptops and 3 volunteers (Bonventure, Lilian, Peris ,Pascilisa)


Kibeu primary school – literacy class – std six. Pupils were asked to write essays about future life and based on punctuation and arrangement of words – this is to improve writing skills in English language. After typing pupils were asked to present and later formed a discussion over the spellings of different words and typing speed as they were told to use both hands instead of one hand. 54 pupils, 20 laptops, 3 volunteers 1 teacher time was 2hrs


            Butonge primary school – math program – std 8 pupils were introduced to scratch script within the session pupils were shown how to arrange scratch block so that the script can draw a circle or a pentagon. The activity appeared too tough to kids but volunteers did their best to make sure that learners get some knowledge on the activity. 48 pupils, 3 volunteers, 1 teacher, 20 laptops time 2 1/2hrs


Sports and games – base level


Bukokholo primary school – std 7 – HIV/AIDS dialogues. We used chat activity on xo laptop to discuss how     HIV is spread and what causes its spread. From the discussion points like traditional way of circumcision is also contributing in HIV spread and genital mutilation. 46 pupils, 20 laptops, 4 volunteers, 2 teachers 2 1/2hrs


Butonge primary school – std 8 were given time to explore the xo laptop. They did most of implode activity and found the activity interesting that kids even did not want to give chance to their fellows as it made them concentrate more on computers. Kids were saying let me play the game first.


Kibeu primary school – as the kids saw OLPC team they made a fun of “what is a computer” meaning that they have known what it means by a computer. As the team entered class to start a computer session, we had pupils who took the computers from the back thinking that they will miss to have a computer. In std six there’s a pupil who is promising to study computer and become an engineer in computer science.


Butonge primary school – Std 7 West kids used calculate activity to find sums from a mathematical text book for std 7. Pupils were very happy and shouting as they got answers correct by use of xo laptop and this is what they said “I got it mwalimu “so much interesting. At the same time the activity returned the interest of kids on mathematics as a subject. 50 pupils, 20 laptops 3volunteers 1 teacher


            Bukokholo primary school – teachers used xo laptop and cradle point technology to search the web. Teachers looked for K.C.P.E past papers.


Teachers are using the xo laptop technology and the cradle point technology to search the web in different fields to gather information concerning their lessons in school.

Science teachers use the technology to search for solar system, how its arranged and how it was formed. They use the same to find out human nervous system of science books, science model papers etc.

On the same madam Linar Sirari of Bukokholo primary school wanted to know more about epilepsy with the help of the cradle point and xo laptop technology. She went through the causes of the disease and how it can be treated. She went a head to get medication advice from the internet as she noted down every kind of drugs. At the end of the session she was eager to do more on medication of spleen enlargement as she had already went through the cause of spleen problem. It forced her to follow up our destination so that she can do more explanation. She claims to have spleen problem.

Madam Jackline and Stellah both English teachers found tips of essay writing and how to improve grammar in schools.

Teachers for social studies  Mr.Wepukhulu and Namunane explored  the Kenyan History and founders of independence and how it was colonized. Furthermore they used Google maps to find areas and direction – they said Google maps are very important to pupils since in exams questions 1-6 is map reading and if pupils could do more about it they will be familiar to maps and it will real improve their performance.


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  1. Kitai Mark says:

    Nice initiative comrades.I beg u expand your services

    AOB:Am a university student & wud like to volunteer till sep’12

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