Salisbury Boys and Girls Club XO Club

A Letter from A Member of the XO Club in Salisbury at the Boys and Girl’s Club to Bukokholo, Butonge and Kibeu kids.

Hi my name is

Salisbury XO Club Member to Bukikoholo, Butonge, Kibeu and Eshbinga XO Club Members

 Olivia and I’m telling you about Salisbury in Salisbury there is a lot of animals like deer and foxes. And there are a lot of different types of food. For example spaghetti! And this is how you make spaghetti–first you put the spaghetti in a pot of boiling water. Then you cook tomato sauce and meat together. Then when the spaghetti is done take the water out of the pot. Then combine the spaghetti and the sauce with the meat. Then you have spaghetti!

 And in Salisbury there is a trail called the ghost trail because the trail used to be a track for a train. Then the train crashed and everyone who was on the train died. And to this day people say it is haunted by ghosts of people who died in the crash from the train.

In Salisbury there are a lot of fun places for example the beach. At the beach I like to swim in the ocean and go fishing! Once I almost caught a fish – it was a tuna. It got away.

 Lindsay lives near the ocean. She likes to jump over the waves. Makayla also lives near the beach. She can go swimming anytime, except in winter.  She likes to ride the waves.

 Food they like is strawberries, chicken, broccoli and cheesecake.  Cheesecake is made of soft cheese, milk, eggs, vanilla flavor mixed and then baked into a cake.  Then we put strawberries, cherries or chocolate on the top.  On the bottom is a crust of crackers. Today I read the stories about the Maasi and the story about Sydney.

 Well hope you had a fun time reading this.                            

From your friend Olivia and her friends

XO Club Girls

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