XO Laptops at Math Camp

Math Camp in Kisumu Brings XO Laptop Kids Together with Kids from Other Parts of Kenya:  all having fund with Math and the XO laptops


It was a great day for xo club members representatives to visit Kisumu city the third biggest town in Kenya.Bungoma xo team was with jovial moods as they started their journey by bordering a motor bike ride to Mayanja where they bordered a matatu to Bungoma town to boarder a matatu transporter to Kisumu town where the camp was to be facilitated.  XO club member of St. Augustine Sitabicha surprised other xo learners that he had never been in Bungoma town since he was born and he did not believe his eyes to such tall buildings in the town and wondered how they were constructed and who did such kind of work.

No sooner had we entered the matatu drive than I and Rose answered several questions as XO club members Jeremiah of Butonge, Ruth of Kibeu, Joseph of Bukokholo and Sylvester of St.Augustine schools who wanted to know every shopping center we passed by and as we were responsible and it was a great opportunity for the learners to be exposed we answered the we can. On our way to Kisumu we passed through Kakamega town where our learners thought that they have arrived in Kisumu town but we informed them that we still have a long journey to go this showed that kids were eager to attend math science camp.

On our arrival to Kisumu town skirts from far Xo learners saw plenty of water and they wondered how comes we can have big land covered by water without knowing that it was Lake Victoria that cuts across three countries of East Africa as they were informed kids busted with great joy of having an opportunity to see the lake physically instead of seeing it on maps on written materials.

As we arrived in Kisumu town we were welcomed by Peter Amunga who directed as to a tuktuk ride to Kibuye railway grounds. After getting an evening tea snug we took the xo learners to join the AMSTREF team in the camp in Lutheran school of physically challenged.

In the school we got the AMSTREF team already arrived and Herine lead us with introduction as to know each other in the camp and later on kids had their supper and went to the bed for a sleep after a long travel so to wake up early to start the camp activities the following day.

It was a showcase day for Jeremiah of Butonge primary that showed others how to use turtle blocks to construct a football pitch. He did his presentation as others followed his instructions to do the same.Co ming up with the structure of football pitch appeared difficult t knew learners but they did their best and concluded that it is an interesting activity and it needs a lot of thinking and imagination to come up with intended shape. Before Jeremiah’s presentation we officiated our xo introduction to learners from different schools and it was done by Rose XO teacher assistant Bungoma where learners were told parts and their functions. Later on Bonaventure introduced Turtle Art activity on how to move and arrange turtle blocks to come up with right angled triangle, square, rectangle and semi-circle as examples before the showcase.

After the showcase their was a competition to who to posses the xo laptop.

I call this day a XO day because a lot of work was done on xo sugar lab activities; Tuxmath activity improved the speed of learners in multiplication, addition, and subtraction and division. While in the hall pupils showed their multiplication skills as they did multiples of 3, 5 and 10. Learners used speak activity to write questions about maths for example, what is mathematics, discount, marked price, hire purchase among other questions.

During night hours and session pupils used record activity to take photographs and videos for the events taking place in the hall.

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