Writing and Eating

MarketplaceOutsideRose and Passy in a crowded class of more than 100 kids in the same class using write activity on the xo to write stories about African way of preparing food.

They wrote an interesting story about how to prepare brown ugali with greens called murenda, we wanted to copy paste to this report from the xo but we had a challenge where the pc refused to open up and read instead I will quote part of it in this report.

Kids wrote the procedure as follows;

  1. Get bean leaves burn the in ashes
  2. Get plastic/metallic tin and open small holes at the bottom
  3. Fill the tin with ash and compact it
  4. Pour in water and collect the filtrate
  5. Mix the filtrate with the green leaves of murenda and keep on steering till it boils to soft and slippery
  6. Add in milk to make it more delicious
  7. Prepare your brown ugali which is a mixture of finger millet, dry cassava and sorghum grinded.

They wrote this to show their friend kids from western countries to read and apply the same in the country and show their cultural way of preparing food.

It’s very hot for the kids to seat in the room at the market place and have fun with the xos instead they seat outside where there’s fresh air and calm environment for them to learn

Kids were writing stories about collection of trash and proper disposal both in schools and the community as a whole.Before they left to their homes they did trash collection demo at the market center by heaping and burning the polythene paper trash.

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1 Response to Writing and Eating

  1. Bob Braxton says:

    Pleased to see “Write” being used in this manner.

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