Kids Statements: Save the Black Rhino

Students are participating in playing an on-line game with students in the Bronx.  They will learn to understand the threats to the Black Rhino and communicate with the kids playing in the US during the game.   This game is sponsored by OPEN One Planet Education Network.

Here are the statements from the children participating from Bungoma.

A class 8 student Butonge Primary school. I come from Bungoma County, Kenya. – My geographic region is Western Kenya. -We are situated on the downs copes of Mt.Elgon. -I am 13 years old.

-I love my county Kenya because it has several game reserves where my great interest is to care and protect our wildlife.-Project goal that I expect is to make sure that the young generation advocates for Black Rhino life and all other wildlife species, though written, demo, pictures and machu pichu one planet game.-My goal is to see that all countries on the planet to set up rules that will govern wildlife management all over and banning of Black Rhino born markets.

-My group name is Jungle Protectors

-Our research is to see where those Black Rhino parts are sold.       Which laws do Western countries implement to reserve wildlife compared to third world countries that have Black Rhino slaughter cases as researched by the open Rhino project?

A class 7 student Butonge Primary School    From Bungoma County- Kenya

Western lake basin as a geographical region. We receive both relief and convectional rains from Mt.Elgon and Lake Victoria. I love my country Kenya, the only country with a capital city having a game park, and my interest is to see Black Rhino is protected as a black African child. Since they have a right to live as the jungle law says and rule of law I believe if not it should be immediate and enforced. My expectation to the project goal is make sure that, hymn of save the Black Rhino should be sung all over and be understood by every child of the world and be enhanced by their serious.My goal/ interests are to see that one planet education reaches every child so that we can get proper suggestions that may determine the saving of the Black Rhino.

My group name is Great Ideas.Therefore, my question is, what measures are you going to take to those poachers who are now advanced in trafficking Black Rhino by use of helicopter, drones and even using fire arms like silences?

They referred yesterday’s failure of connection with our culture saying which states that, “the breakage of a cooking stick doesn’t mean that is the end of cooking”. They are still determined for the project to move on. Ok. A bad beginning makes good endings-

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