Turtle Math, HIV/AIDs and G&C


1st October 2013 Tuesday,

ST. Augustine Sitabicha secondary school.  It was G&C where we attended to students on stress management. Students were very happy as we introduced the topic to them. We gave them tips on how to manage stress and after that we gave them laptops to search more information from Wikipedia activity. They read more and became satisfied. The topic was well understood and it has hanged the attitude of students. 15 laptops were in use, 30 students were present.

2nd October 2013 Wednesday,

Kibeu primary school in std 6. Introduction to turtle art activity. Learners were excited to be introduced to that activity. They opened it and we gave them the procedure on how to do it. They started by constructing square which seemed to be very easy to most of them. They also constructed a rectangle, a circle and at the end they constructed a circle inside a square. The lesson was so interesting and it took 2hrs. we had 40 kids, 20 laptops and 3 teachers.

3rd October 2013 Thursday.

Bukokholo primary school std 6 learners. We instructed them to open on write activity and insert a table. The procedure was, to insert a table with 6 columns and 10 rows. Most of them performed well. They inserted a table representing records for their exams in std 6 pupils. They were very excited about the activity. The lesson took 1 hr 30 minutes and was very interesting. We had 36 learners, 20 XO laptops, two per laptop.

4th October 2013 Friday.

Butonge primary school std 6 east. Introduction to record activity. We organized students to record activity and they took photos,video and also audio. We told them to sing the Kenya national anthem as they record using video on XO laptops. They did it well and it was vey interesting lesson as pupils were happy to see their faces as they sway on the screen. The lesson took 2 hrs and we had 102 pupils, 35 laptops.

5th October 2013 Saturday

Market place where kids came in a good number hence others did not even get a space to seat. For those who were in class 6-8 we organized group of 20 for an outreach in a certain river near Bukokholo area. We with ten XO laptops so as to record some feature that we can discuss on them while on the market place centre. We arranged each to take photo or record different things from others so as to get more features to discuss on and their origin. The outreach took us 4hrs that’s for 1.00pm- 5.00pm. we had four groups and each group recorded the features as follows; group1- they made sisal fishing lines which they used for fishing. They got one fish. Group 2- they took a videos for the birds who were around that river. Group 3-they took videos of different trees planted around  and those which were along the river. Group 4- they recorded shrubs and animals that were around. We went back to the centre as pupils happy viewing what they did on their laptops it was very wonderful day that kids made.

6th October 2013 Sunday

Market place in the afternoon from 2.00pm -5.00pm. it was the discussion on the features recorded previous day at the river. More kids arrived on time for that discussion hence they wanted to know how those animals were made and how to they survive in that environment. The discussion was very lively and pupils were active and ready to answer questions which were asked by teacher masika. It was a wonderful Sunday and kids used chat activity to discuss more about the features. The lesson was interesting.

7th October 2013 Monday

Butonge primary school std 7. we did write activity with pupils as we give them directions. They inserted a table representing their performance in class. They inserted 7 columns and 50 rows according to their attendance . they felt happy as they wrote their name in the rows and their marks according to the subject. They ended up changing colors of the names different from the marks color. We had 26 laptops,50 pupils and we were two teachers(Rose and Dorcus).

8th October 2013 Tuesday

ST.Augustine Sitabich secondary school. We had G&C on how to choose a career. The topic was very interesting on the students because others were just learning but they have not focused on what to do in future. Teacher Rose who was the speaker introduced the topic; she started by encouraging the students on each subject hence all are important in their life. She drew their attention towards the topics that made students very co-operative. As she finished each student was thinking which career on which career to choose. They were really motivated to be hard working in their education so as to achieve their goals. From that time they are really competing hard in class. They commended that the discussion had improved their standard in their education. They used Wikipedia activity to read more about career choice.

9th October 2013 Wednesday

Kibeu primary school std 6. we reviewed the last activity which was turtle art whereby they reconstructed the angles without teachers help to test their understanding. The performance was good since each group struggled to construct angles as follows; triangles, circles, rectangles and squares. It was interesting lesson. We had 36pupils, 20 laptops and 3 teachers.

10th October 2013 Thursday

Bukokholo primary school std 6. they did record activity using video as they record songs about HIV/Aids to their fellow pupils their message to protect themselves from HIV/AIDs. We had 26 pupils,15 laptops and 3 teachers.

11th October 2013 Friday.

Butonge primary school std 8. they did turtle art. They constructed angles and wrote their formulae on each constructed angles eg rectangles, squares, trapezium with circles inside. They did very well and the lesson was very interesting. They were 52 pupils, 30 laptops and 3 teachers.

12th October 2013 Saturday

Market place where kids arrived early at the centre to work on XO’s. every child took a laptop and did the activity of their choice. The most activities done by kids who are above 12 years were typing turtle and paint activities. Typing turtle activity helped them to increase their typing speed and always to master keys on the keyboard. Paint activity helped the kids to be more creative on how they can implement things using XO laptop on paint activity. They drew different structures eg human beings that are suffering from Aids, hospitals and doctors attending to patients. Record activity was done by kids below 12 years.

13th October 2013 Sunday.

In the afternoon kids came at market place centre. They did record activity by record songs while others were dancing. It was an interesting session.

We had 50 learners.

14th October 2013 Monday

Butonge primary school std 6. We introduced write activity to them and how to insert tables and typed in their names. After that they made some changes on their names by changing the color, font size, font, italic, underline, bold and numbers. The lesson was interesting. We had 80 pupils, 30 laptops and 2 teachers.

15th October 2013 Tuesday

St. Augustine sitabicha high school where we had G&C on boy- girl relationship and how it affects their performance in the school. The activity used was Wikipedia. Students were discouraged of having relation especially in the same class because it have been noted that their relation has gone to the level of sexual affairs that made them to be shy in class participation hence affecting their performance. They got more information on Wikipedia. The students enjoyed the lesson and made the day very joyful.

16th October 2013. Wednesday

Kibeu primary school std 7. we introduced them to chat activity where they communicated through chat on how we can prevent HIV/AIDS and how it is affecting our people in the society and the whole country. The class was so silent as the information was running across. They enjoyed the session and it took 1hr 30 minutes.

We had 40 pupils, 20 laptops and 3 teachers.

17th October 2013 Thursday

Bukokholo primary school std 7. we had construction of angles using turtle art on XO laptops. They constructed angles like; triangles, squares, rectangles and circles. It was  very interested lesson. We had 36 pupils, 20 laptops and 3teachers.

18th October 2013 Friday

Butonge primary school std 7. taking of videos and photos using record activity on XO  laptop machine. They recorded songs on Nation Anthem. Pupils enjoyed while singing. We had 80 pupils, 35 laptops and the session took 1hr.

19th October 2013 Saturday

Pupils arrived in the market place centre and they had free choice activities. We had 60 pupils.

20th October2013 Sunday

We were in the market place centre in the afternoon. We had environmental cleaning with students as others were taking videos.

21st October 2013 Monday

Butonge primary school where the day was very cloudy and we could not go the school to attend to pupils.

22nd October 2013 Tuesday

St. Augustine sitabicha secondary school. We attended to all students where we gave them laptops and they used Wikipedia to read notes on different subject e.g biology, chemistry and physics. It was a free choice lesson on what they were willing to read from Wikipedia activity. They learned more than usual lessons in their school.

23rd October 2013 Wednesday

Kibeu primary school where we dealt with std 7 on write activity where they wrote the importance of XO laptops over their education. After that they discussed over HIV/ADS and how it is affecting our fellow Kenyans and reducing our economy. We had 40 pupils, 20 laptops and 3 teachers.

24th October 2013 Thursday

Bukokholo primary school where we met std 8 pupils and dealt with browse activity and they learned more about wildlife animals eg big cats like leopard, lions and others and how they usually survive in their environment and where they can be found. They learned more and enjoyed the lesson. We had 50 pupils, 25 laptops and 3 teachers.

25th October 2013 Friday

Butonge primary school std 8 where we dealt with distance activity where we showed them how to connect XO laptops so as they can measure. They were surprised to see that they are measuring distance within their school. the lesson was so enjoyable and pupils were happy to know that activity. We had 50 pupils, 25 laptops and 3 teachers.

26th October 2013 Saturday

Market place where kids arrived on time and they had a lesson on HIV/AIDS  which was taught by teacher Rose. The lesson took 2hrs and we had 45 pupils. After that they a free choice lesson where they enjoyed much.

27th October 2013 Sunday

In the market place centre where kids came in plenty and did collection of trash in the compound and entire market to maintain cleanliness. They united and made the market place clean and burned all the trash collected. They used record activity to record as they were collecting trash. It was very interesting lesson.

28th October 2013 Monday

Butonge primary school std seven pupils. we had revision on turtle art activity. We had 70 pupils, 35 laptop and 3 teachers.

29th October 2013 Tuesday

St. Augustine sitabicha high school where we were interfered with the rain that rained so heavily.

30th October 2013 Wednesday

Kibeu primary school that we had a session on trash collection their school compound where kids used record activity to record during the session. 30 pupils were present and we had 20 laptops.

31st October 2013 Thursday

Bukokholo primary school where we had std 6 pupil and we did with them paint activity. They drew houses using a pencil in paint representing hospitals, people who are sick and doctors. It was very wonderful day to kids.


We were interfered with the rain and the roads are not well made so we can easily fall down if it has rained.

We also lack enough mice since the touch pad has problems for kids to use especially on paint and turtle art activities.


 Learners are now doing their own work without any assistance from their teachers since the laptops are at least fair in number.

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