Lots of Girls Loving Laptops & Science Projects

2013-12-31 17.02.03Girls are Full Participants as you can see by this photo.   Hands of Charity leaders discuss gender issues with their program participants.   Here is some of their report:

-As a refresher for the kids to debate on gender-“meaning what a boy does a girl can
do better”. This to help to come up with issues affecting them in the community. They will use etoys sugar lab sound recorder to  record all discussions.

The market center was full of humor in the room as students expressed what is important for a girl or a boy. The debate made kids to tell the roles that are to be performed by a
girl or a boy by mentioning people like the late Professor Wangari Mathai Nobel prize
winner, Marther Karua, Grace Machell for the great work they did and were women these
was for those supporting the motion. Those opposing talked about known scientists and
inventors like Microsoft founder, independent fighter that were great but all were men.
Aim of this debate was to encourage both girls and boys to work hard in academics and
community activities with regardless of their gender.

9th Dec  Science Projects: Choosing of projects and identifying materials needed for the chosen projects. We allowed a discussion between learners and choose the appropriate projects they can do in three groups and they came up with the following :

  1. Germination and they chose beans to be the crop.
  2. Biogas since the materials was readily available.
  3. Circuit whereby dry cells can be easily found by learners then shortlisted kids according to the project liked.c

Identify areas assembling of materials .Kids to get instructions from teachers using write activity to document all that is needed and instructions to follow.

Learners went out to collect the respected materials as per respective group. Thereafter, learners assembled to receive instructions to be followed when doing the activity by teachers led by Bonaventure. Kids quoted the procedures by use of write activity on the XO laptop saving the file according in title of a respective project done by a group.

 11th Dec-Kids to do practical work on the chosen projects-chosen projects are Biogas, Agriculture {germination}-circuit and math by use of measure distance and do the calculations by use of calculate activity.   The day was much interesting as kids were to set up their projects in practical manner.

Germination – kids assemble seeds in different categories

  • Well preserved seeds and stored well
  • Seeds locally preserved and stored with no much care.
  • Seeds that are bought from hawkers on an open air market

Seeds were planted in the following environments including;

  • Sandy and dry soil
  • Good fertile loamy soil
  • Soil applied with DAP fertilizer then were put in different areas for daily observations by group members.

Reason for the project-Learners were introduced to proper seed selection and what it needs to grow well and have good yields and how agriculture can promote our economy as well as self employment by practicing agri-business.

Biogas:  Group members filled airtight container with cow dung mixed with water to give it time to ferment and was place at a place where heat is available to activate the decomposition for it to produce gas expected to result flame. Aim of the project:Learners are aware that power can be found within their locality after testing and getting positive results as far as biogas is concerned.

Circuit:Learners arranged batteries and copper wires according to terminal meaning negative and positive connected to the bulb to see the end result if well or wrong arranged.

Learning About Kerosene: According to community observations, most of the house holds use kerosene as light producer and it has the following side effects which includes;

  • Gas that pollutes air resulting to pneumonia and flu
  • It also affects eyes and is not cost effective to poor families who sleeps in different houses/rooms
  • To inform learners that there is away of reusing dry cells after use due to the little saved power in it
  • To minimize air pollution and resulted side effects of kerosene.

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