2014 Starts with Kids Ready for More

Background of January 2014 report written teachers Rose, Nelly, Dorcus, Shallie and Dorice lead by Bonnie the supervisor

The year 2014 started very well for the entire staff of Hands of Charity OLPC Bungoma site. As dates for school opening were closer teachers reported at our center in a full swing ready to resume their daily XO duties.

As a matter of fact school heads were eager to know our 2014 schedule. Their findings were through cell phone calls, text messages and verbal communication eagerly looking forward when we shall start computer programs for the New Year as they wait for president Uhuru’s laptop Launch. Not only teachers were but also students were much interested as they maintained questioning HOC teachers when they will report in their respective schools? This made Hands of Charity staff to quickly plan and network with school heads for proper planning. One of the Head teachers Mr. Chenge of Butonge primary requested that since his school is highly populated with pupils compared to the other surrounding schools wanted us to give his school two days a week i.e. Monday and Friday weekly.

As we began our computer session in schools,  pupils from different schools  welcomed Hands of Charity staff far from the gate as they saw them carrying a black big bag carrying computers. This is what  they said, ‘computer! Computer! Welcome teachers while smiling and quickly running to assist carrying the bag of computers as others mourned tears of joy as they ran to class for XO laptop session proceedings.
2014-02-07 15.57.58

 Jan. 6th Monday –Official  day to open all public schools in Kenya .Teachers, Rose, Dorice, Doricus, Shallie and Nelly led by their leader met to discuss on how to develop a 2014 work plan and guideline for their daily activities .

2014 HOC staff schedule: Monday – morning –Lower class –Afternoon- Upper primary –Butonge school primary school.  Thursday-St Augustine Sitabicha sec. school. Wednesday-Morning –Lower class, Afternoon-Upper class-Kibeu S.A primary Thursday –Morning –Lower primary}        Afternoon –Upper primary}: Bukokholo primary school Friday second day for Butonge primary school.

Kibeu primary school-After long holidays of Christmas and new year, kids were asked to refresh on the following sugar lab activities namely- paint, record, fototoon, chat and write –The session took us 2hrs and was only in the afternoon session.34 pupils of std 7 attended, 15 laptops were used .Three teachers were present –Rose,Shallie, Nelly and supervised by Bonaventure who at the same time facilitated the session.

11th Sat –Market place –Kids came in plenty but they were surprised as they got the strategy   changed .Here kids were to follow the market center proceedings.  Teachers are to give direction on the activities to be worked on . This   Saturday kids were   taught on how to do internet connection, chat connection, distance connection and all on how to share file through wireless connection by the help of antennae. Intranet trial was made on write sugar lab and kids present were indeed   happy to see what they typed can appear to the neighborhood laptop. 63 pupils were present, 3 teachers and 30 laptops were used.

ST. Augustine sitabicha high school

How technology can make a student dream higher. Students used Wikipedia to learn about technology. Fields visited were, computer, radio and communication. The session tapped students’ minds and they wondered how technology is advancing. They wondered how the computer was too big at the beginning and how it is in a tablet form currently. In there conclusion, they recommended that the XO laptop being a small machine, has important and educative information. 30 students- 15 laptops, 2 teachers.



Kibeu primary school :Class 7- used scratch activity to learn how to create animation scripts. Activity – was arrangement of scratch scripts. As the session proceeded kids were able to make animation by drawing circle, lines and normal movement. 47pupils, 3 teachers 22laptops and 2 ½ hrs used.

16th ThursdayBukokholo primary school– Pupils used paint activity as away of communication to communicable diseases. This was done and files were shared through group discussion. The session took 2hrs.

On 19th January    Sunday; Market place  Afternoon: Kids were accompanied by with teachers for an outreach: they discussed how to prepare land for plantation and used XO laptops to record as others take notes using write activity. Other participants were running up and down with computers to get video interviews with the villagers. There was a greater attention by the community members to the young people who visited them for learning purposes. 35 learners participated15 laptops used.

On 29th January Wednesday; Kibeu primary school We had class seven, 40 pupils present and we had 20 laptops where we divided them in a group of two pupils per laptop. We made arrangements with learners and organized for a lesson on turtle art activity. We showed them how to construct rectangle, squares where the units were 200 units for length and100units for width. They did it severally on XO laptop and finally on the black board.  Thereafter, they constructed the semi- circles using similar radius of 200 units. The kids did the construction for their own with minimum assistance. We noted that they liked the session and they normally enjoy math as a subject especially construction part. The session was good and interesting hence pupil from the school commended that the project has really helped them to improve mathematics grades.



v  Keyboard worn out

v  XO laptop memory capacity is low

v  Market place room is hot since we don’t have a fan to regulate the temperature at a cost of kshs: 4200 equivalent to $50

v  Need for a spacious room to accommodate learners who attends our market place sessions.



High learning ambitions shown out from kids compete for computers both at school and the market place center.

More schools are interested in our computer program.



  • The community is fully supporting the computer program by encouraging learner to fully attend computer session both at school and at the market place.
  • Most of students who went through our computer initiative are doing well in computer studies in their current high schools as they come at the market place to appreciate and testify.

Recommendations  SSBI TO SUPPORT AND GET  1. new keyboard sets. 2. Provision of more sd cards.  3. A fan to regulate the room temperature for conducive learning even if the weather is warm and 4. if possible back up XO batteries

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