Why do Kids Like Scratch?

Bonaventure Masika Reports that kids like Scratch because

It improves their skills in animation projects as it’s much involving. Therefore, a kid can not have time to think on anything destructive but things technologically.

-It is a general, is a learning sugar lab activity that consists almost every feature of the XO laptop. For example; record sound, take photos, paint, import sounds among other tasks.

Kids also love the scratch project samples installed which real make them strive so had to come up with similar like animations.

Why do they like Record? They can see their own real image! – It is a centre of entertainment for the kids as they can make a movie in any style as it will be replayed and if any mistake done they can redo as they delete the unwanted one. – It saves the video automatically even if the learners do not know to do it.- Makes kids feel that they are news reporters on the television through imitation.

Mr. Speak- This is always one of the favorite activities when Small Solutions teams were in the field training.  Here is what the Bungoma team says about it:

When starting up this activity the voice says I quote ”Hello Mr. X, please type something” This create love between a child and the computer.

**And they love the movement of the eyes as the cursor is moved.

**The speaking and pronounciation of words as a way of motivating kids to type more words as a result they improve on keyboarding and English as a language. I think you can imagine a kid from a very rural school.

**The feature that answers a question related to science by the help of the robot among other general questions and iIs a much entertaining center when kids chat with it as it uses funny words during discussion process.

What about Tux Math? works as an entertainment activity and it makes a kid much involved in doing math due to back up noise of tux math command.-They also like seeing the appearance of math questions as they appear on the XO screen with a sign of a flame with those shot like noise made by the activity.-Most interesting is the matching of crow like a bird below the screen before and after the math session.

What more would these kids like to have:


-Time in minutes when it comes to video recording – minimum of 10 minutes on Record activity.

*Biology and Physics be detailed as chemistry on browse science books.*Memory capacity be improved in general as that of a tablet XO tablet which is above 5GB and restores power for 5 hours.   Kids wish to have a tablet like keyboard since they say is hard, switchable and pretty. Digital games be added such as those on windows such as motorbike,safari rally and football and any other child friendly game that you think is fit.

Kids learning about HIV AIDS, and discussed how it affects the economy and opportunities for livelihood.  They also learn about reproductive health.

Creative learning by collection of plastic papers and washing them.

-planning with kids over what they think they can do with plastic papers.

-selection of what material is needed to achieve the specific objective.

The report was prepared by teachers;

Rose, Nelly, Dorice, Shalin, Dorcus led by Bonaventure.


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2 Responses to Why do Kids Like Scratch?

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  2. Good work teachers. Let’s see if I can post some videos of Scratch projects

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