More Jungle Stories of Poachers and Animal Activism


Giraffe PrayingPastor Giraffe praying.

Our Jungle ancestry gods, as tall as I’am I can even see a poacher from far, my head is near the sky, I can eat fresh leaves compared to other wildlife, as polite as I’am I humbly request for backfiring spirits against poachers who are really against our two brothers Rhino and Elephant for their admirable horns and tusks. Ohh! Grant Mr Leopard all the power to chase and capture poachers as well as giving Mr. Elephant an intelligent officer wisdom of interogating poachers to give us proper reason why they poach us, bless our Jungle king His Lords Mr. Lion with a heart of forgiveness when the truth is said to maintain peace and harmony in our Jungle kingdom. See how how I have folded my neck just for you to hear my prayer and all the respect you preserve. All I pray-:

All:Amen Amen Amen.

Leopard captured a poacher after a long race.

The Poacher: Is that the leopard, okay! I think it has spotted me.

What can I do?

Yeah, the only solution is shoot.

Hey! Leopard – I will finish you if you come this side, I’m well armed.

Leopard:- Mmm! you finish us ———. Today is today! our ancestry gods will render your arms useless. Is that clear?

The Poacher: – (Trying to shoot but all in vein). What is wrong with this gun? Hey!!!! (As the leopard furiously attack the poacher)

(The poacher dropped the weapon as it was heavy for him to run faster and fall which gave the easiest time to capture and took him to Jungle crime for interrogation.)

NEW ART 2 33Interrogation proceedings

Mr. Elephant:- Mr poacher, how did you get yourself in this jungle crime room?

Poacher:-I was found poaching by Mr. Leopard who captured and brought me here.

Mr. Elephant:- What were you doing in this jungle kingdom


Poacher:- I was sent by middlemen to hunt and kill the family of the two brothers who are here with us Mr.Elephant and Rhino

Elephant/Rhino:- (at once) Ohh!— you are the killer of our families? ( while nodding their heads)

Tiger:- Before I prosecute you, can you briefly why you do this work? I say this because I’m a jungle court prosecutor.

Poacher:- Poverty, lots of monies paid after killing and chopping off horns/ tusks and deliver and lack of employment.



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