Hands of Charity Technology Center Success

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Busy weekend marketplace center sessions.

2014-11-29Marketplace--1 Busy weekend marketplace center sessions.

Hands of Charity Bukokholo Marketplace Technology Education Center is a hub of activity.  It attracts children from the many villages and homes around the hills north of Bukokholo.  On weekends more than 100 children come to use the 50, now aging laptops that were provided by Small Solutions and funded by students from a high school in Massachusetts.

During the week these laptops are taken to schools int he area by the Hands of Charity teams.  They serve more than 2000 children through their programs.  This is the success model.   Small Solutions Big Ideas will help others teams in our network develop models such as these.   A new Center has started north of Nairobi on Thika road in the Marurui Estate by Krys Kakoba of the OLPC Alliance, and Maina Kiambigi, founder of the Pleng School. Together we are developing this model  to bring technology the most direct and speedy way to the most number of children.   Below is our strategy premises.

Why ‘Centers for Technology for Education’

In Kenya schools where the need is the greatest, we are challenged by the absence of resources to support technology. Waiting for electricity, and every teacher to be ready comprises the furture for the children waiting now. We cannot wait. Our model is setup to be fast and flexible, and to concentrate expertise and technology in these centers. There we can build and deliver programs for member schools as network of technology educators and innovative schools :

Why? Schools do not reliably have:
-Electricity (sufficient and reliable)
-Safe storage for equipment
-Connectivity (both available and sufficient)
-Teachers ready to use technology
-Time for teachers to receive training (demands on their time are already challenging)
-Experience to select and apply technology to improving learning (integration)
– Resource staff to maintain technology over the long term

Why our model of technology delivery and education solves these problems:
-Concentrate expertise and resources where they can be maintained and enhanced
-Establish trained teams dedicated to schools and teachers to build strong programs
-Hire staff with technical expertise to configure, repair, upgrade, and maintain the technology
-Obtain the latest and best technology solutions for the member schools
-Teams are dedicated to schools and bring technology with them to implement programs
-Teachers attend training workshops in the centers or at their schools
-Teachers are part of a regional technology educators network.

About smallsolutionsbigideas

Believer in educating the world using "open systems", "open content", "open source" and providing tools to inquiring minds without pre-conditions.
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