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Endangered Wildlife

Who is Smarter, Humans or Animals? Small Solutions Big Ideas has been delighted with the art produced by our Hands of Charity project participants.  They have been researching, writing, and creating art on the issue of wildlife protection for several … Continue reading

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Deepening Learning

How do we change learning?  It’s not just about getting computers and teaching kids to use them,  it is about deepening and accelerating the learning.  Change attitudes and a vision of what learning can be. In the 21st century model … Continue reading

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Chole’s Training & Inspiration

PROJECT BASED LEARNING TRAINING   BY    CHOLE RICHARD  Last week Chole Richard of Jina Uganda, a teacher A PMM Secondary School. Chole is also a Teched leader. He introduced the Hands of Charity teachers to project based learning as … Continue reading

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