Endangered Wildlife

Who is Smarter, Humans or Animals?

Small Solutions Big Ideas has been delighted with the art produced by our Hands of Charity project participants.  They have been researching, writing, and creating art on the issue of wildlife protection for several years now.

The illustrations and story created by the students tells about how the animals take on the issue of poaching. The animals discuss how to protect their endangered brothers.  In these drawings the humans have guns. The animals don’t have guns, so they use other powers to drive poachers away.   In our human world, we use guns often to protect ourselves, or to get rid of people perceived to be dangerous and to solve conflicts.

Animals also have conflicts. Sometimes these are solved in violent confrontations, but confrontations of skill or stealth. When one person has a gun and another doesn’t, the one without the gun feels helpless.  They feel they must get a gun.  But is that a solution to conflict? Are animals more creative and smarter in the ways they solve conflict and address power struggles, such as competition for food ?

I ask this question of the children and students?    What other ways are there to face danger and solve conflicts?  Please post your ideas here Bukokholo students.


NEW ART 2 33Daniel_PosterStopDestroyingLastDaysofPoachers

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