Connecting Kids Wildlife Studies – Latest Report from Bonnie



Wildlife Protection : One Planet Education Network brings  Bungoma Kenya SSBI Hands of Charity partners with Haiti, and US students together. 


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SKYPE with Haiti  and US students started well whereby our learners were very happy about having a distance learning event in their schools. We started with Namwesi primary school on Friday where teachers went to prepare learners on what the skype will be about. and prepare distance learning event whereby as Bungoma team were to talk about wildlife especially Rhino and Elephants with learners from different schools of NYC, Haiti, North Carolina and representave from AWF and Marinelife representative talking about hawksbill turtles.

Bungoma team was so proud to talk to George and others including Dr. Ronelus who they said his a black American teacher of Haitian origin.
On Monday 6th June 2016, was a great day for Namwesi primary pupils to participate in the distance learning event to prepare notes on wildlife so that they can do their presentations perfectly Those to participate were, Brighton, Shamillah, Obadiah, Evans and Faith.

It was 2.00 pm when Hands of Charity staff arrived Namwesi school compound to facilitated a long waited event. Students were much eager to see and hear from American students. “Tunaenda kuongea na wanafunzi wazungu”, we are going to talk to white students. You could find them making fun of talking like Americans. When time came, 3.30 pm our hp device donated to us by Small Solutions  and BRCK router were set ready to perform.

When the heard an incoming Skype call from George Newman they smiled in a secret manner not showing up there curiosity towards what was going to happen the next minute.The call was answered by video and they heard and saw Mr. Newman first then followed by different participants. Thereafter, all the eyes was on the screen to see what will happen next. Our students were surrised to see Dr. Ronelus with his students and his bass voice. They were also much interested with how their colleagues classrooms well equipped compared to Bungoma classrooms.



The common killed animals among the BIG 5 include;

Lion Elephant Rhino

LION: Reason why poached  Is poached and killed mainly because of it’s skin and heart according to our local understanding.Its skin is used for making leather shoes and bags. Its heart is used by the army soldiers as food. Locals belief that, the hearts make them to be as brave as the Lion ( a myth)

ELEPHANTS Are huge animals. They are mainly hunted because of their tusks.

RHINO They are mainly hunted for their horns.2.The horns cure cancer3.Other communities believes that the horns acts as a right of passage from childhood to adulthood.4The horns are used in making ornaments in some countries e.g. Kenya and Switzerlandwhich include, braceletes, bangles, earrings,. Cancer cure

SKIN The skins are removed from their bodies and sold in manufacturing industriesThe skin is used in making leather shoes, bags and clothes according to local understanding.

Suggestions to the government as a way of improving wildlife security.

1. We would like the government of Kenya to employ more game wardens.

2. Do capacity building to the entire community and who the government suspect as the poachers on the importance of wildlife and,

3. Employ the poachers who freely surrender themselves to the government as a way of stopping poaching.

4. Those people with big farms to be allowed the government to build sanctuaries as a way of bringing security near the citizen.


Earns Kenya foreign exchange after the tourist had visited Kenya. It is a pride of our country. The forests acts as water cachment areas and bring rain fal. l Help other tourists to have trips in Kenya to see animals that do not exist in the other countries.


RHINO: A Rhino is one of the big animals in Kenya. It is strong wide and big animal that feeds on grass. It issaid that it normally feed on grass at night. It stays in the forest

ELEPHANT:An elephant is a huge animal found in the forest. It lives for about 80 years. Its young one is called a calf. It normally feeds on grass during the day. They have two tusks on their noses and a strong trunk that runs from the forehead. They are mainly hunted for their tusks/ivory.

Daniel_PosterStopDestroyingFriday Butonge primary school. – class seven

Used paint activity to choose colors. . They drew a green vegetation as a simple of a place having enough rainfall and a good place for crop farming. Kids indicated rivers passing through that vegetation area and colored it with blue as a symbol of water and big trees showing the importance of forests. The purpose was to tell others on the importance of afforestation and effects of afforestation. The idea of afforestation is coming up to due increased number of cutting trees in the area they come from. 51 students attended the sessions as 26 laptops were used per session.




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