Children of the World are Our Most Precious Resource

Rethinking Learning & Seymour at MIT yesterday.  It was called ‘thinking about thinking about Seymour.

alanngloriaminskyYesterday Alan Papert, his family and myself participated in an event at MIT gathering the Seymour Papert people together to ‘rethink’ his message and what we might be doing about it now.

We heard from Nicholas Negroponte who said “Children of the World are our Most Precious Resource.  That teaching is empowering children to think for themselves, to build confidence in their thinking, and the way Seymour Papert kept this in the fore front of his work when he talked about ‘Powerful Ideas’

Here are some of the quotable messages:
Math is a language for understanding the world’.

Programming (Scratch)  is a language for learning and doing math thinking.

Here is a link to more stories from the event:


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