The Real Impact of COVID on Kenyan Communities

Time Kenya Rural Village Learning Center

Our young high and primary school students enjoy lessons during covid-19 pandemic. Since late June we have organized 36 lessons of different subjects that include, Math, Biology, Fasihi, English literature, Chemistry, Geography and Physics for high school students and English language, Kiswahili, Math, Social Studies

Mary We love this student oriented program, may you support it up December so that we can overcome many challenges as young I being one of them.”

Laurian: This instruction for helps us cover the topics that were not easy to comprehend at school giving us a great potential to excel in our exams at school. I would like this discussion to progress because it’s saving us a lot in this covid-19 break since studying at home is really a great task

Allan: The discussion had helped a big number of students and encouraged socialization because we are from different schools.It encourages some students to have courage to speak before others without fear does promoting self-esteem. At the same it’s promoting student-to-student interaction as well.

Elizabeth: It has been a courteous thing to all of us participating. Through our discussions we have been sharing our knowledge together exchanging ideas and also making good friends. The moral lessons and awesome advice that we have been receiving from our mentors and teachers, moreover, our fellow students have motivated us a lot. We always put more emphasis on compulsory subjects for example Biology,

Teacher Bonaventure says: It is quite encouraging and gives them hope for a better future as far as their syllabus coverage is concerned. The number of students coming at the center has tremendously increased but space is the big issue as far as Covid-19 protocols are to be considered.

This is a community of learners and young leaders. We are proud of them.


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