Service & Safari in Kenya

It is everyone’s dream to visit Africa, its broad plains, expansive horizons and thundering herds of elephant and wildebeest.  After a few days of being there, there was some deep connection stirred up.

You may have thought it was out of reach.  We hope to make this possible, comfortable and rewarding for you. The trip length may depend on some of your own choices about Safaris or trips to special places to visit.

A trip of 10-14 days is our goal.  We will host you in our village at the farm of the Episcopal Archbishop. This is the time to contribute your hands and heart to the community..  People from the countryside feel honored that you have come to their village.  Whatever skills you have: teaching soccer or volleyball, playing chess or checkers,  teaching them some nutrition or food preparation, carpentry, or working in the gardens, teaching coding, doing an art, music or writing project.  All are welcomed. 

What will it Cost?

1 Person: Airfares: $1600-$2000: We will work to get some group fares to keep them affordable.  I have been able to get airfares under $1500.  This trip is projected for 2023. It is possible that the fuel costs could go down making the current prices more reasonable.

  The village and area where our service project is located is in the area of rolling hills,  smallholder farms everywhere up and down the hills.  It is not far from Mount Elgon,  It’s high altitude montane forest dominates the landscape and supports a rich bird life. The upper slopes offers much to hikers and wildlife lovers

Internal Travel: $500 Our village is in Western Kenya not far from the Ugandan border. It is a long (8 hours) bus ride from Nairboi to Bungoma town.  But the views of the valleys and hills of the country are beautiful. Sometimes we drive through game reserves and see wildlife. The fastest way to travel from Nairobi to Western Kenya is to take a short Kenya Airlines flight, less than one hour.  The cost has been under $100 in the past. 

Food & Lodging:  Weekly Food $50 per person.  Lodging: Free at our site.

Hotel Rates are under $50 per person per day

Health Concerns: Is there a danger of COVID? This is different in each African country.  Kenya had low mortality rates during 2021 than the US.  We would not send you if there was a serious outbreak.  And if you are someone with a vulnerable immune system,  we would carefully evaluate each step of the trip to see if you could be safe enough. 

Are there any other common diseases from which you should protect yourself?

This is the information which the CDC posts for each country, so that you know which shots or vaccines you need. The information covers the entire country, and the areas you visit made not have any smallpox or yellow fever.  The most common exposure is malaria. 


Exploring Kenya and Safaris

There are many wildlife parks and varied landscapes to explore.  Near our Western Kenya project is the Kakamega Wildlife Park, which is at a high altitude and favored for its birds.

The Maasi Mara is located to the south of our location.  And in the middle of the country is Mount Kenya surrounded by several national parks with a variety of wildlife, large mammals, elephants, rhinos, as well as the antelopes, zebras and wildebeest.  The wildlife in the parks depends on the season. 

What is Giving Service

There are many choices: Visiting Schools – talking to classes of children about your interests, what career or interests have helped you in life. or your thoughts about the future for them.


  • Visiting widows in their homes, bringing them some items they can use for daily living. 
  • Were you a soccer coach or a runner?  The youth will want you to share your knowledge.
  • Teaching – giving a class in your area of expertise
  • Sewing or crafts you know how to do
  • Art class

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