Curriculum Plan

. Develop a curriculum and program that can be implemented using the features of the XO and by collecting browse able current material relevant to HIV/AIDS.

Schools in Kenya have recently introduced lessons in life skills, specifically for HIV/AIDS. The predicament is that there is a big shortage of teachers to utilize this time maximumly especially in the rural areas where our project will based. The schools are willing and welcoming to external support.
2. Schools and groups in the rural areas will be given the first priority. We will start with Bungoma and Busia Districts. A similar programmme will be extended to the neighbouring schools, civic, fFaith-based groups and NGOs according to available time.


3. The team has studied the objectives of the school curriculum and designed lessons for learners based on the objectives of the curriculum of HIV/AIDS.
4. We will visit people living with AIDS,orphans,widows to take pictures,videos and tape the stories on XO that will be watched and listened to during lessons.The nearby health centres and hospitals with AIDS patients will be appropriate for us to get information to be stored on XO for our lessons.
5. The objective is to concretise the information on HIV/AIDS by use of videos, pictures, diagrams some drawn by the learners themselves on the XO laptops..It is noted that most of the information delivered to students in schools is abstract and teacher- centered. XO technology will provide an interactive,concrete and learner-centered approach that is motivating to the learners.
6. The leader and participants will also organize for training of teachers in various schools on the use of XO laptops in order for them to support in teaching using XO technology.Some weekends can used for this training.
7. Actualization of the program using an XO allows users to express their feelings in a safe place, where they have tools to write and create and communicate with their peers.

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